Ghost: Fact or Fiction

Ghost: a word itself a plethora of fear for the believers and Ghost: just another funny and entertaining label for the non-believers, the believers are fine but for the non-believers you know there are hundreds of facts and queries arises from your daily lifestyle which you probably overlooked or you just ignore are left with an unexplained answer.

What are Ghost?

Basically, a ghost is the existence of anyone who does not exist anymore or in simple language a non-living, soul or spirit of any dead person, animal, birds or anyone who did ever belong to the earth. According to our ancient culture belief, the spirit or soul are the ones who is living inside a non-living body, hence the soul or spirits are separable from a body after the body deceased and the ghosts are the one who tries to maintain their existence in the living world after their body’s death.

You know an online survey concluded more than half of the people believe in ghosts, spirits and negative energy but for the real fact what are they? Ghosts are the trick of the subconscious mind which usually happens during their sleep according to a leading expert. However, some people experience paranormal activity during the day or even when they are fully awake.

What are ghosts made up of?

Ghosts are believed by different cultures and differently named as dark spirit, Ghost, demons, Shade, Dark energy, Shadows, Bhoot, witch, devil, negative energy, etc. The worldwide believe that the spirits are made up of slight air and subtle and delicate material at their first and are reproductive to another body after the earlier body is deceased. In Indian and many other cultures, it is also believed that the spirit or soul of any person or animal get separated after the death and travels to another world to for evolving their existence, they also think that the spirits or souls live their livelihood until they reproduce for their new existence, so they also make arrangements of their loved ones spirit after their death and at the time of funerals.

Do sciences believe in ghosts?

We live in the era of great technologies which is given by science: science that works based on logic and explanations will justify the ghost’s existence with proper logics and circumstances, and it did. The science examined the all case scenario and came up with the justification that experiencing or feeling any supernatural phenomena is all in mind and believing and fearing is just a myth of the living. However, debates were still going on, and science neither accepted nor declined the existence of negative and positive energy.

Why do People fear ghosts?

It is believed by human culture that a spirit is the living inside the body, also a Latin word “spiritus” which means “breath” from the earliest. They believe the spirits or soul is supposed to cut down every connection from the living world in order to reproduce in any other body when any spirit of soul possesses its existence on the world of living they believe that is because of any kind of vengeance, or for the intention of harm, any endearment or whim of their loved one or either they didn’t realize they are dead. Some of the people also believe that the spirits that were not welcomed in another world of the afterlife are bound up or stuck to the earth in a terrible way for their bad deeds, and there the spirit became evil spirit and evil spirit became Ghost and Ghost became fear. The fear of Ghost is called ‘Phasmophobia.’

Believing in ghosts is still an uncertain question left among the world; some of us just watch horror movies, read horror novels or articles and leave it assuming they are part of the fiction. In contrast, some of us believe in Ghost, soul, spirit and afterlife on the basis of some past encountered experiences, some genital cultures, or even some basic folktale. I personally suggest whatever you choose either to believe in Ghost or not just don’t be afraid of the word ghost it will not only keep you distressed and nerve-wracked it will also affect you physically and mentally.

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