A Grave Digger

I am going to share a story with you which i heard personally from my retired uncle who used be a grave digger at muslim cemetery….. ….but try reading this story alone at midnight…

My uncle used to work at the muslim cemetery by digging holes during his prime years…He is a tall and big fellow but he does not has any proper education, which, as a result made him end up with such a vocation….”it is the most peaceful and non-stressful job”, he said. However he added that the beginning was very ‘tough ‘ and it takes a strong, brave and clean pure heart with a lot of faith to endure the initial stages…..

When he started the job about 40 yrs ago, he had to dig about 10 holes per day on average under closed supervision and sometimes there were more holes needed to be be dug, depending on the death rates…

Then there was this ‘memorable’ night where, he had to work ‘overtime’ due to unfinish digging…there were a few diggers working that night, but they are not working at close proximity to each other…the diggers actually prefer to work in the grave yard shift as it was cooler at night and the soil are softer to be dig, they claimed theoretically…

As an ‘apprentice’ my uncle was accompanied by his supervisor for the initial weeks which subsequently he will be left alone to dig independently …His supervisor also cautined him many times, on a few things such as….do not utter a single word if “he see, hear, smelled or felt something unpleasant” but recite the quran instead or say the prayers ….my uncle wondered how disastrous could the situation be….

Then the moment came……he was digging the hole when he heard voices from the “filled” graves beside the empty ones about a few metres away from the place he is stationed…he ignored it remembering his superior’s warning….then he heard it again and again. He kept on hearing voices till he felt so curious to check it out…some of the voices he heard are very sorrowful and mournful ones while some are screaming in pain..my uncle recited his prayers quietly in his heart and kept digging…

Then when he took a momentary rest after digging two holes, he turned his faced back towards the plot of land which was already been occupied…then he saw with his own eyes something that he has never imagined before in his life…..a few human figures in loose clothing, gliding from a tomb stone to another, some are sitting crying sorrowfully while some seemed to be standing without a single movement staring at my uncle….my uncle rub his eyes again to confirm as it was quite misty that night….then my uncle’s leg start to tremble and shake …then suddenly his supervisor touches his shoulder and signalled to him to ignored those things and to keep digging…..

Then this time it was worst….while he was digging the third hole, something flew into the first empty hole that was dug by my uncle… a woman voice was then heard in that hole…my uncle does not dare to look inside that hole… but he and his supervisor heard that woman voice clearly , crying and asking for help wanting to be release from the misery and pain that she faced. …then my uncle’s supervisor quickly ask my uncle to leave that place and to dig at another area for the time being…….

I think i better stop my story here as my imagination starts to get over me and my family are already sleeping at this moment….

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