This story had probably been told a million times over but i guess some facts are not exactly accurate in some and here i will try to put the pieces together in the most logical way i can. In 1995 a Taiwanese air stewardess were murdered in LA. So an steward was convicted and spent …

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Do you carry amulets? Amulets are meant to protect you from unseen forces. It is meant to save you from those make or break situation. Most superstitious people will carry with them for important occasion such as clinching a big deal or flying, occasions that can make or break you. Normally it is placed inside …

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The Sun Goes Down

The night that played with me, happened just last year on a humanless Saturday night. The time was around close to 12am. People believed that it’s “their” playtime. Personally, i don’t believe that. “They” are already with us throughout our daily lives. Just believe that you’re never alone even when you are. Around the area …

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Orang Minyak

This happened about 3 yrs ago, when i was only 13. I was in Pahang at that time, celebrating my sister’s wedding with a malaysian man. All my family, relatives were present to celebrate this occasion. It was a blast, with cutthroat head-banging rock music and limp bizkit’s hits played all day at full volume. …

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Fish Anyone

Talking abt fishing encounters, I recalled this incident that happened one during one of our fishing adventure. There was a time where me and my hubbi were so crazy abt fishing, we would scout the whole S’pore for a good spot. You guys have been to Marina South Pk where all there is man made …

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