Strange Incidents

A Girl

Before my NS days, i used to jog everyday at the park near my flat. I would always see this beautiful young girl jogging. We almost see each other everyday and i had grown so used to seeing her. There was this whole week when i didn’t see her, i wondered but had soon forgotten …

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Hi, guys..while waiting for school to start, i got myself a job at this 5-star hotel as a room-service waiter. The job is quite fun..never knowing who/what you will see when you deliver food/drinks to the rooms. Pretty interesting job(seen copulations, naked ladies and guys, gays, etc) Basically, there are 3 shifts, morning, afternoon and …

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Along the North-South highway in Malaysia, there are various spots marked with sign alerting drivers of crosswind. The dual carriageway is one of the world’s most advance expressway and hence, when designing it, one would assume that the planners would not have built it with crosswind sections. The expressway is open for 24 hours and …

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My aunt was 4 months pregnant. Many older people believe dat pregnant women are always susceptible 2 disturbances from other world. My aunt was an introvert. She always kept to herself and was always good-tempered. Rarely can u catch her in an angry mood. ** It was a normal day for my aunt, except 4 …

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