A Malay Mummified Corpse

Dave was feeling cheeky during one of the stay-in night in a certain army camp. He then decided to play ‘ghost’ and scare his other friend in the other bunk. Deep into the night, he removed his bedsheet and wrapped himself up in disguise.

When he stepped into the corridor, what caught his eye was another white figure directly opposite his block. The building he was staying in is connected in a U shaped pattern, I’m sure those who toured Tekong understand what I’m saying.

He was not in shock when he saw the white figure, it was not moving as if waiting for something. In his mind, he was thinking, ‘Wa, so I’m not the only joker.’

Mimicking the Chinese folklore of a creature, he jumped towards the other bunk. After his first step, he immediately noticed the white figure was following what he was doing and heading at the same direction.

‘This siao lian not original, nevermind i see how long he can keep up’.

He then took the second jump and turned to see that white figure was keeping up, followed by the third and the fourth. At the fifth jump, he was already outside the door of the opposite bunk. He then turned his head to see where the figure was going. However, he was not prepared to believe his eyes. The white figure had jumped through the entire section from the back door to the front door in a single leap. Dave fainted on the spot.

The next morning after explaining his story to the sergeants, one of the lao jiaos told them that the white figure is that of a Malay mummified corpse and the story has been passed around for many batches.

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