Humming Sound

Like all of any other teenage boys. I think I damn paikia not scared ghost and never see ghost before. Of course when I go in army at 20 years old. Feel damn satki and garang.

Sometimes still wish aiya all of you go Hong Kan lah Where Got Ghost? Till today got 1 incident I never forget Hong Kan.

In 2016 year I enlisted into Tekong mah. So you all know Tekong so big how to get guard duty almost impossible unless u sway. So many recruits and companies.

Nbcb, my section kena sia. After lunch or dinner I remember the BOS and DO say later line up parade square jitao fall in!

Who form up a team can go to the place they want. So I’ve heard that ammo dump got aircon bunk sibeh song! Faster jio my kaki and tell them later don’t sotong we form a section and volunteer ammo dump. Limpeh wanna sleep aircon hor cb.(sorry but I am paikia beng pattern )

Have to Kpkb my section because they are jiuhukia blur cock. Ya I was one of the mono intakes de.

So we fast game line up and sit a Jeep to ammo dump. Wa Sibeh song leh. Really is got aircon bunk de so happy.

Than now comes the Nbcb scary part. I team with my jhk buddy. He very pity one no money and every cigarette he smoke he will smoke until the butt there.

We 2 take shield and baton be prowler cause we not trained in rifles yet. I remember that night was 2am+ Woke up to do our shift Sibeh shagged. Than as usual NSF we just slack lor. When walking down a path. Ammo dump is Machiam a f**king forrest damn dark n scary.

Prowler must 1 stand front 1 stand back leave a GAP. We decided to take a cigarette each. Sgt cannot see cause this path no camera. SUDDENLY I heard a female singing song. Humming the tone “ ter ner ner ner nerrr “ non stop leh cb. I think maybe is got Reno works. Bangala at side got on their language radio is it? But cannot be mah 2am…

Than I think cb 2am cannot be leh. No construction tent and no briefing by sgt got anything. At this point I can hear the humming sound damn loud Liao. Machiam near you. Is female voice CONFIRM!

I stand at the back somemore cb I don’t dare turn back. I also don’t dare shout out to my jhk buddy infront. (cause I remember see show last time if got ghost don’t say name later they know u )

I tell myself Nbcb aizai aizai don’t turn back don’t care just continue walking. Than in my mind Nbcb I praying the jhk talk to me or what.

Waaaa!! Pcb he also never speak a single word leh. He got hear or not? Or is it limpeh hear only. Damn scary lah hongkan. Why I choose ammo dump. Nbcb lah.

At this point we were still walking but I saw my jhk buddy infront. His cigarette smoke half stick he throw on the ground and faster walk straight back to guardroom direction.

It’s only at this point I know hong kan liao he confirm got hear liao cb. How can a so kiam siap person like him throw the precious cigarette away?!!

I jitao hasten the speed and follow and we both jitao go back guardroom.

Sgt kpkb ask why come back early. We say not feeling well if not you go prowl lor. He let us rest. Inside the bunk my jhk buddy also very sengmok never ask me got hear or not I also never ask him.

I think we both know not to talk about this, we scared later cb the ghost follow us or know our names or what. We rest in the aircon bunk till tomorrow morning.

Morning came. First time in my life I see sun light I so happy. Sit the Jeep back coyline. On the way back, we both asked each other did you hear??

We both acknowledge and stunned. Lucky we never declare our names or what. We just siam.

Go back bunk tell Malay bunk mates. Malay bunk mate we never tell him what sound. But he actually HUM to us the same tune we heard. Than he say oh Malay folklore this is common lah. What got female ghost lah. If the voice loud means she’s far from you. If you hear it getting softer means nearing you.

Fast forward…

Jhk colleague fell sick and having fever in the morning and than went report MO.

Shortly after, he geng and got posted out. I still send him off with his duffel bag to the jetty. Bid him goodbye.

Anyways jhk buddy. I lost contact with you. If you see this post, hahahah hope you are doing fine! He is from JB de.

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