Dragging Sound

I served in the army at 2 SIR Amoy Quee, 2007-2009 if I remember correctly. Had a few eerie encounters in my coy.

I was staying on the 4th floor, highest. Ever so often from around 11pm onwards, my mates and myself can hear sound of dragging footsteps. It’s as if someone was wearing slippers but dragging every 2 steps, pause, 2 steps again. It was so common till we did not care after a while. Yes, we actually looked at where the sound was coming from but no one was there. Footsteps continued.

Once i was doing overnight COS duty in the ground floor office. Was awoken by knocks but could not figure out where it was from. I thought it could be prowlers knocking on the windows as they walked by. So i tried getting back to sleep. However I heard more knocks, getting more intense and quicker. I looked for the source of the knocks andit came from my OC’s office which was within the office.

The time was roughly 2am plus and no way there was anyone in there. I still tried going to sleep, grabbing on to my beret (remembering what my CSM said, it was blessed lol). The knocks came yet again, even more intense. That’s it. F**k this i just ran upstairs to sleep in my bunk. Didn’t care if no one was manning the office.

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