The Strange Morning

I’ve been pretty lucky not to see anything “special” during my NS time, but I did experience one spooky encounter, which I will share.

After OCS I was posted to an airbase, and one of my duties was to carry out runway inspection early in the morning (reach air base at around 4.30am, start inspection at around 5am to 5.30am). The inspection is usually just me and the driver, who stays in the base. Upon reaching air base, I will wake him up at the 3rd floor bunk before proceeding to do the checks. Need to check out bird-scaring gun and check other classified information… so need to go to office at level 6 and tower a few floors above. No one will be in office at that time, except for 1-2 civilian guys manning the meteorological office, which is open 24hrs.

Other floors are deserted with broken windows, some disused old furniture, trash, etc…quite creepy even in the day. I never asked what was there in the past. Don’t want to scare myself during my time there la. There are two lifts that I could use to reach the office, one at each end of the block. Each lift can access floors 1-6. At 4+am f***ing dark and quiet at both lift lobbies, don’t know why the lights are so dim knn, and the lift is the super old, small, creaky and noisy type… 6 people inside already sardine can.

So one clear and cool morning, it was business as usual and I was thinking of the procedures to take for the inspection and thinking of going home early due to shift work. Also quite tired since I woke up at 3+am to do the shift. Didn’t think much, and took the lift alone heading to level 6 from level 1 (messaged driver who was already up, so no need to go bunk). Knnccb the lift suddenly stopped at level 4, doors opened up for no reason. I was f***ing sure I never pressed level 4 because it was already in muscle memory to press 6.

First reaction was “wah CB smlj knn better not see anything outside.” Almost pitch black because to the right side was the abandoned place and left was abandoned toilet and straight ahead was the stairs with very dim lighting. Hairs stood and quickly pressed door close button. Mind started to run wild. Was also thinking who so boliao will go there at 4+am to disturb me? But the whole building nobody using leh. Driver usually very lazy one should be still preparing himself to start the shift… lift malfunction? No one reported any problems later that day. Still puzzles me till today… but ignorance is bliss I guess. After that, nothing happened to me till ORD.

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