Krabi Diving Incident

This incident that I am writing happened many years back.

While many stories we hear always tend to be my friend’s friend’s friends or my friend’s friends, or “eh have u heard before that….” but we never knew if it were true or it was a simple supernatural event then spiced up to be a spooky one.

My friend who was involved told me this story, he is a staunched believer of Buddhism and always believed that as long as one never did bad things, why should we be afraid of those things, human more scary than ghost, ghost more scared of humans. After this incident he never said such stuff again.

Hope everyone can just read it as a spooky true story and not try to debunk any part of the incident based on your own understanding of ghost/realms/religion. I myself did not try to interpret any of it or fault my friend or suspect as lying as this world is so big and vast. We know everything.

The group of them went to Krabi(4 couples) to dive. I do not understand the pleasure of diving and from Facebook, it sounds like anyone who dives a lot call themselves instructors, but anyway.

They checked into the resort and one of them, let’s call him Kelvin, had the Ying Yang Eyes and could see those things. When they were strolling along the coast before checking in, he said the beach was very dirty but he kept it to himself and only told my friend, who was also there with his wife.

Anyway all of them had no kids, newly weds.

When they were finally checked in and went to their rooms, they discussed and decided to meet at lobby 25 mins later after settling in, all 4 had rooms next to each other with Kelvin’s room at the end of the corridor. When my friend finally went down to the lobby, Kelvin was still at the counter talking to the staff. He went over and asked what happened how come so long liao still haven go to his room.

Kelvin told him that he requested for a change of room. The reason he gave to the counter was that he saw things inside and somehow I think the manager knew and there they were doing the changing of rooms and admin staff.

When they were done, I walked kelvin to his room and along the way he told me there was a girl at the balcony of the room wearing those very traditional Thai costume facing the wall.

Her face was just like 1cm away from the wall and not moving, all along since secondary school days, he always told us about his sightings and when he felt weak or his luck very lower, those things were more visible, in the sense he sighted more, and those sighted had clearer features.

He said he could see the girl so clearly and the first reaction he had was very shocked how come the room taken and got people, but split seconds before he called out to the girl, he noticed another thing. The room was filled with this very strong sandalwood smell, the very very sweet kind, almost alike to the Indian incense and he thought “what the f**k”.

He told my friend this was the first time he was so “near” to them and he didn’t want to take any chances. He and his wife were long used to such things and they always saw such things along the corridor or end of the corridor at hotels but as long as they were not in his room, he didn’t care.

What happened next was my friend asking “eh f**k, now u shift away, i am next to your room, will she climb the balcony over to my side a not?” to which Kelvin laughed out and say wont la don’t worry.

They all changed into swimming gear and went snorkeling as I think the dive time for the boat or something is still not time yet (I am not sure about diving trip/boat schedule as i have not tried diving so not very sure about this part) and off they go.

(kelvin and my friend didn’t tell the rest what happened cause the rest were late to the lobby) he said after a while, the 4 (kelvin and wife + my friend and his wife) of them forgot about the incident which kelvin witness.

They started taking photos and soon proceeded with the diving trip and the shiet is going to happen next.

The diving, they had some sort of a area to look around and after a stipulated time, they were supposed to return the the boat. After some times(again I am not sure how long is each dive time so those who know please give input) they few of them started to come back to the boat and Kelvin’s wife, told us kelvin went missing after a while after the trip just started.

Another 15 mins past the stipulated time and in the past 15 mins, they went back into the water and looked around for Kelvin. They could not see Kelvin at all and end up going back to the boat. The 2 boatmen suggested maybe Kelvin went back to the shore, but kelvin’s wife insisted on looking for him and was crying, the rest of the friends of course, said they wanted to look for kelvin. They look around the area and keep circling but just couldn’t find Kelvin. In the end out of no where, when they look back at the boat, Kelvin was there waving at them.

Needless to say, all swam back to the boat and Kelvin’s wife hugged him and cried even louder. All could see kelvin face, his face was f**king kan dulan. He started shouting at them, ask where they f**k they go, how come all went missing and even the boat. He turned around after some distance couldn’t see anyone. End up after a while he swam some distance, he turn back and saw the boat and this was like 10 mins of searching alone, came back and kept shouting at everyone who were looking for him and keep coming up to surface to check, nobody ignored him even though he was shouting and waving like mad.

When they made it back to the shore, the person in charge of the diving gear at the shore asked his 2 boatmen what happened and he told the person in charge. The person in charge couldn’t believe as he said he saw Kelvin waving to them when everyone else were just swimming around the area and he thought they were playing some games. The person in charge even said he shouted at them but they were too far away to notice.

Of course Kelvin and all knew something is wrong but they kept quiet and went to wash up. Somehow the mood all affected since this one. Its has been very buay soon since they reached the resort and this has another 2 days to go they didn’t know whats coming for them, they just look forward to the night dinner together.

Back in the room, my friend went over to Kelvin room after he bathed and when the wife opened the door, Kelvin was sitting outside the balcony and smoking. The wife say something wrong with Kelvin cause he seems different. My friend went over and asked Kelvin if he was ok, and he started talking.

Kelvin told my friend that he didn’t want to scare the wife so he just insisted everything is fine. He said when he entered the water, he wandered around and in one direction with no other fish around, there was this fish that was staring right at him and not moving in the water some distance away. It was so eerie.. Because somehow his attention totally focused on this fish.

The fish was just staying still and facing Kelvin direction. What Kelvin did was swim towards it wanting to have a clearer look, but once he swam near, the fish turned and swam away very fast and disappeared in sight. He didn’t take any notice after that. After he explored around, this time he felt something different, it was as if the water felt different. He couldn’t describe it, he just said it was different.

All of a sudden when he turned around to look at other areas, the fish was there again, this time much nearer, maybe 2-3 metres away.

At this point, he totally freaked out, the fish(I didn’t ask what it look like or what breed) was again at the same position, not moving and staring in Kelvin direction. Kelvin although shaken, swam towards it. This time, the fish turned and swam away slowly and Kelvin followed..

He followed for a mere 10 metres or so and the fish was gone. This was the time he surfaced and wanted to make a sense of his surrounding, everything was gone. The boat, and nobody was around anymore. It started with fright and he told himself he has to locate the rest. He even joked and told my friend that if it was on land, find a spot to urine and walk around and u will find your way out. But there was nothing he could do, he totally scared shietless.

Around this time, the wife came out of the shower and after telling my friend about it, Kelvin felt a bit more relaxed. And my friend went back to his room and they rested in room for a hour more or so before meeting at the lobby.

During dinner time, the mood was relaxed and everyone talked about the old days and also joked that they should do this kinda trips more often. Kelvin was quiet and one of the guys asked Kelvin if he is OK, or still shaken after just now.

He started talking weird stuff, he said “Sometimes I wish we all could spent more time together like this, I wonder if we were be able to come out again like this in future” and talked about lost time where they stayed near each other but never made the effort to meet up or kept in contact. The other guys though felt what he said was quite out of sync in the mood and setting, they agreed with Kelvin and said after this, someone should volunteer to plan for the next trip, this time maybe a shopping one to suit the ladies. Kelvin responded and said weird stuff again, he said “Really? You guys would want another trip? ” then he smiled and said he was very happy that all of them managed to make it for this trip.

After a few drinks, everyone was in a chatty mood and laughing and clowning around, but my friend knew something was very wrong with Kelvin.

Everything ended at about 2am (they brought drinks to the beach there after the restaurant closed) sat around and joked and stuff, but nobody dared to go near the water this time.

Around that time, everyone went back to the room and rest after discussing what time to wake up for breakfast. The 6 of them went back together, while Kelvin and wife headed in another direction (their new room in another wing of the resort – different side of lobby).

Funny thing is when my friend went back to his room and was opening the door, he said he could hear the TV in the next room, and he told his wife that he thought kelvin didn’t take that room. His wife brushed aside and told him that the resort so many visitors everyday, Kelvin dont wanna stay, maybe the room was let to other people. Sounds legit, ok.

In the middle of the night, someone knocked on my friend’s door frantically, it was the rest of the crew and because Kelvin wife came and said Kelvin was missing.. They all panicked, cause Kelvin would not have left the wife without telling her. Everyone searched around the resort, changing room, toilets, function room, and lastly along the beach. Even the manager and a few security guards joined in.

After 1 hour, still no trace at all, and his hand phone was left in the room, nothing was brought along. Once again the wife started crying. Suddenly at this point, my friend told me as if someone suddenly told him in his mind that something, and it prompted him to go to the manager and asked if someone was staying in the room that Kelvin originally rejected. The manager said no, and my friend hands hair all stand, he said he heard TV sound and the manager said some walls are made of gypsum board and can be quite thin so maybe that was the case. But no, it was end of the corridor, from that direction of the sound, it has to be from that room. The manager once again said the room was vacant and he can open to prove it though there was no chance Kelvin is in there.

When the crew and manager gathered at the door of the room, my friend said that there was this very sweet smell and Kelvin wife said it was the same smell and once they open the door, the smell was suddenly gone. Nothing.

They on the lights, and Kelvin was sleeping on the bed. At this point 2 ladies in the group screamed and Kelvin wife screamed and cried as well, went to dig up Kelvin and ask what the hell he was doing. Kelvin woke up when he heard the scream and asked what happened. The wife asked if Kelvin knew where he was, Kelvin said he didn’t know. He was asleep with the wife and as agreed with the manager, even the hotel staff can’t get into the room unless they took the key from the register at the counter.

They tried to brush the spooky thoughts aside and we all agreed that Kelvin and wife bunked in with one of the couples until morning. The rest of us spoke to the manager and asked about the room history and stuff but being as scared as they were, they didn’t press on when the manager refuse to admit anything was wrong with the room. They also enquired what time was the first ferry out and they checked online if can book the next morning flight back.

Next morning came and everyone looked so tired, because nobody dare to sleep, in case another random one kenna caught and appear in the room at the end of the corridor. During breakfast when they were taking food, Kelvin told my friend that somehow he thinks the fish is the lady he saw in the room, the stillness of both so eerily similar.

My friend told him not to think too much and must always have faith in his religion. He said they are here as a group to enjoy themselves with no funky business, and never offend anyone. This was the doctrine and philosophy that Kelvin always preached about. My friend was not trying to suan Kelvin.. He was trying to reinforce his faith at this time when it was fragile.

Kelvin smiled and replied and said “sometimes not our choice right” and walked away.

Next morning came and everyone gathered at the lobby to discuss which timing they wanna take, Kelvin came and this time he was back to his usual self and say everyone siao. Yesterday is over and now back to normal already. Everyone was quite puzzled even Kelvin wife found him suddenly back to his normal self.

He keep reassuring everyone that we should not change the plans and after 10 mins, everyone was OK with it, as long as the main person kelvin was comfortable. But my friend say everyone OK, but dunno when nighttime come, everyone will regret or not.

Anyway, plan for the day is jet ski. Long story short, they tried jet ski and I think the duration for jet ski is only a while right, anyone has experience? My friend said some of them flipped or something or fell off but came back on. I am not sure about this as in can flip from jet ski? I never tried.

Anyway, suddenly the wife screamed for us and said Kelvin fell from the ski and didn’t surface for a few seconds. Everything and everyone went into red alert panic mode again and started shouting for him. A couple of guys dived into the water and look around, it should be easy to spot in Krabi water, but they couldn’t see him. They send one lady back to shore and asked for help.

Soon the resort people tending the jet ski came and knowing what happened last night, the resort manager came too and they brought all sorts of stuff like stretcher and first aid box.

There was quite a commotion at the beach when suddenly, one of them found Kelvin. Again, where? Among them. It was as if they were covering a area and the person at the edge turned around and Kelvin was at the bottom of the water (2 metres deep).. Everyone hurried and carried Kelvin to the shore and the resort started to do CPR. They called the ambulance as well and soon they rushed him to the hospital.

Kelvin’s wife and another couple followed in the ambulance and all of the rest followed in the resort car to the hospital. He showed no reaction to the CPR along the way and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The mood totally changed. Everyone was devastated. I think this is a big change to the story, suddenly people die so dramatic, but I dont want to go into too much details on who cried loudly and whose mucus drip down, he is after all, a friend’s close friend.

Kelvin’s body was flown back to his hometown in Temerloh Pahang, and they have this thing called funeral home there in Temerloh. It’s the same to funeral parlor in Singapore. The wife family booked a hotel for the rest of them and the funeral was supposed to be 3 days. On the second night it was late and one of them offered to drive the rest back to the hotel and rest and came back the next morning while my friend said he would like to stay and spend some time with Kelvin. OK, so the rest went off in a Toyota Alphard.

5 mins later, they came back, they say couldn’t find the way back to the hotel. The wife gave them the directions again, and off they went again.

10 mins later, the group in the car still couldn’t find the way back. They said they were turning round and round and round the same few roads and streets and they started panicking. Finally they saw another car at that time was 330 am.

In fact this light is something they would normally hate seeing but at this time, they were happy like no one business, it was the police. The police shone torchlight at them and proceeded slowly and asked what they doing when they high beam and waved at the police initially to catch the attention.

Instead, the police asked them if they know they are driving on a one way direction street and it is against the law. The police said they suspect the driver and others might be drunk and want to haul them back to the station. Then, the driver had a perfect excuse.

He said, they were here to attend a friend’s funeral and wanted to find their way there but got lost. The police was convinced and said OK, and told them to follow their police car . Lan lan suck thumb bo bian go back. When they got back , my friend and the Kelvin wife were shocked when the group told them what happened and the wife “maybe Kelvin wanted times like this where we can spend more time together” the rest just kept vigil until it was morning and went back to the hotel.

Anyway during that time for already a couple of years, Kelvin and wife were trying to a baby for quite some time but couldn’t conceive, they try TCM, English medicine and stuff but all couldn’t work. And 2 months later, yes 2 months after the incident, Kelvin wife was pregnant, she was pregnant for 2 months already before she let us know about it. According to her the time she was pregnant should be around the day when kelvin passed on, plus minus one day. Please don’t say the wife so and f**k around etc, and the baby is a girl. It cannot be explained but the wife was very happy and said it was Kelvin’s last gift to her.

They all under a recommendation went to a Fengshui master at KL who was very well known and of course expensive, he is under the school of ‘Nine Palace Flying Star’. When he calculated kelvin’s wife 8 chars and also kelvin’s , he say that the couple’s fate doesn’t have this child. And this child is very afraid of the water. Before the age of 7, never ever let the child be alone and play with water. Just bath lah, of course this one no need to say, but never go near canals or swimming pool if not “the water will take her”.

The group somehow fell apart after that. Everyone wanted to put the episode behind. Of course they are still in contact till today but no one suggested any get together. Today the girl named Kelly in remembrance of her dad, is 12 yrs old. The drowning news was reported in Johore Chinese newspaper.

This is the end of the story and here are some questions which I have asked myself during that time, but I no longer think of them.

The autopsy back in Thailand to prove cause of death is drowning, revealed that the lungs was half filled with sand.

Is it possible for a person who can swim to swallow half the lung’s amount of sand, and drown himself? Or was his head being forced into the sand and he ate the sand and drank the water while struggling? And while this is happening, why didn’t anyone see? Remember the depth of the water where he was found is only 2 metres deep.

And who is this baby girl? Is it the girl in the room or the fish in the water who managed to find a substitute?

A reminder to treasure your loved ones today as we never know what will happen tomorrow.

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