Something Went Wrong

This is a true story and happened several years ago. I remembered it was a good friend’s birthday, me and a group of other friends decided to celebrate it by drinking at Sentosa late at night, about 3am. Since it was the weekdays, the beach was empty.

We were chillaxing on the beach, when the birthday girl suddenly stood up, ran to the sea and started shouting vulgarities. Thinking it was a joke, We decided to ignore her. But something weird happened. When she was knee deep in the water, she faced us, but her eyes stared into nothingess,and started laughing hysterically. Like those Pontianak in the movies.

So anyway we knew something was amiss,and ran to get her out of the sea before she does anything stupid. Just as she left the water,she collapsed and started mumbling something inaudible… This was when we knew something was up and decided to leave ASAP. Me and the a guy who got her out of the water was in charge in keeping a close eye on her,while the others started packing up. The girl suddenly stood up and started dancing like those in the kuda kempang group. We tried to stop her but couldnt. It’s as if she gained some superhuman strength. We didn’t know what to do.

She started waving her hands as if gesturing something to join her dance. I use the word something loosely here because she was gesturing towards the nearby forest. Fortunately, a Malay man was walking by(god knows what he was doing here late at night) when the commotion was taking place, he started reading some quranic verses and bam…she collapse again. But this time unconscious. We thanked the guy, took our things, and ran to the main road to flag for a taxi. Another girl offered to take the birthday girl to sleep at her house. The next day, the girl had no memory what so ever about anything the day before. We informed the parents and the parents took her to a bomoh. The bomoh did some rituals and gave her a talisman to wear, but did not explain much. Till this day we still have no idea what went wrong…but she is still wearing the talisman…

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