Palawan Beach Spirit

Me and my sons were at the Palawan Beach in Sentosa sometime back. We were happily singing the Gatsby Moving rubber song and just overall enjoying the view *you guys know what i mean? *hint** and the water.

Being childishly kiddy at heart, we decided to make a sandcastle.

So first we needed sand, load of sand, so we gathered a large amount of sand by digging it out from a spot. by the time we stop is was roughly a metre deep and its circumference was roughly twice a basket ball.

What the other’s didn’t notice was there was a hand sticking out from on side of the hole.

I knew it wasn’t from this world, partly because no one noticed it except me, and the hand was still new, no rotting and decomposed or stuff. Then i noticed it.

The hand was moving. But only slightly, lightly clenching and ‘unclenching’ its fist.

I left it alone and tended to the sand castle.

“Hey! Is that someone drowning?”

My friend asked, I panicked, cause partly he was running to the victim, and secondly I knew it was real. Since i could see part of its face was gone.

“Wait! Don’t go!”

I grabbed him and pulled him out of the water. As I was pulling him and swimming back, I felt a hand trying to tug me back into the water.

“What you doing? Can’t yo see someone is drowning?”

He hissed at me but I asked him to look again, he looked, there was no one.


“You f**king idiot! Don’t be fooled by water spirit…..”

I scolded him. He was sheepish and went back to the sandcastle. Wondering why we weren’t surprised. We tend to experience this kind of stuff regularly. So we’re pretty thick skinned.

“We need more sand!”

I sighed and went back to the hole, I wondered if the hand was still there.

Thankfully it wasn’t


In exchange for the hand, there was the half-gone face lying at the bottom of the hole, smirking at me.

I did what I did, I filled up the hole and got sand from other sources.

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