Strange Fishing Trip

I love fishing, back in the early 80’s, Shears Bridge column at Tanjung Rhu was favourite fishing ground. Me and a childhood friend use to row an inflatable dinghy from Marina Bay to the column at Tanjung Rhu. Never miss a weekend for almost three years until a mechanic friend insist to came along.

That night, it was as usual, I tossed a rock into the river before entry, row my friend over and follow by the mechanic, on landing, never miss saying a prayer “Sorry I’m here to do fishing, never mean to disturb”.

It was almost 12 midnight. I think i probably landed a big grouper, my hand line was stuck and is pulling hard, calling out, me shouted ” Tiew leh Chow (Fiak U Chow) come over to help…the fish is pulling strong, repeatedly I must have called out several times. Chow was sitting stone staring at me by a corner, he never came to me aid…the line eventually break probably hitting some object below.

When I looked back at Chow…Wow~ He’s like staring blank, cold smile at me, never say a word. I can sense he’s not his normal self, I immediately call quit to me friend…it was about 0200hrs when we reached Marina Bay. Chow never wanna say any thing, we were advised to get home.

Met up Chow the following day, “Don’t ever go there for fishing again” said Chow, he never reveal when asked about the night out fishing and it was also my last time fishing at Tanjung Rhu since.

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