Sembawang Beach

This is a story from my family. I used the word family because my relatives & cousins were all present when this incident happened. It was supposed to be a BBQ gathering for my relatives & family. We rented a hut at the extreme end of Sembawang beach.

Everything went smoothly & we had a lot of fun. The young ones bbqing away & the adults were inside the room to play mahjong. It was getting late & I remembered it was about 10.30pm. Myself & those who need to go to school early the next day, had to leave unwillingly. About an hour or so after we left, the commotion started. As I mentioned earlier, the young ones (in the age of teens) were bbqing away & the adults were inside the room playing mahjong. Oh, I forgot to mention, the hut is built on the sea itself. Opposite the hut is a stretch of bushes.

My cousin’s boyfriend (we name him W here) has the ability to see ‘things’ & he is used to seeing them often. My cousin & W, together with their friends were happily chatting & eating away at the table. W was seated facing the bushes. All of the sudden, W saw a ‘lady’ in black wondering near the bushes. He knew that it was not possible that anyone could get to the bushes at such late hours. The lady in black noticed & looked back at him. W quickly turned his head to the other direction. The lady flew to the direction he was turning to. This continued for a few times & W got irritated, annoyed & said: “I did not offend or disturb you, so please dun disturb me.” Oh…my..god…what a big mistake he has made…after hearing what he said, the lady flew directly towards him. Float at one end of the table.

Friends sitting at the table knew something went wrong. One of the girls asked: “Where is she now?” W said: “Right behind you.” Well, what you watch in movies are real, ok, some might be a bit exaggerated. Lights started to flicker around the hut, torchlight on the table flicker when no one was touching it. Strong wind started blowing…all these commotion happened outside the room, so the adults were not aware at all. W went into daze..started mumbling continuously: “I want go to the beach..” My cousin panicked & slapped W 3 times on the face. W did not react at all & one of their friends took out his amulet & placed it on W. Again, the amulet had no effect at all & W turned from daze to bloodshot eyes..continued mumbling.

They had no choice but to quickly ran into the room to inform the adults. My uncle, quickly took out his amulet & placed it into W’s pocket. W immediately recovered & they drove him to the nearest temple. On the way to the temple, lady in black followed closely & peek thru the car’s window behind at W. When they reach the temple, the priest said: “She is still outside the temple waiting for you. You keep the amulet & we get someone to help. Go home first, close the door. She is not able to get into your house.” W went home where lady in black followed & waited outside his house till dawn. The following day, they conducted some ritual to appease her.

Out of curiousity, all of us started to ask W questions about lady in black. Throughout the whole incident, W & the priest were the only person who can see her. We asked W to describe how she looked like & what had happened. Long hair, bloodshoot eyes, with streams of blood flowing out of her eyes..after he offended her, she flew straight at him & stood at the other end of the table glaring at him. She then flew around him in circles before he started to go in daze.

So people who don’t believe in the other world, my advice to you: Even if you are a free thinker, always keep something for protection, a cross, amulet, god’s pendant, crystal…you will never know when you need it.

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