A Trip

The story i am going to tell u all happened on a friend’s of my grandma. Six of my grandma’s friends planned to go for a holiday in Thailand. There was this man,(i’m not sure what’s his name so let’s call him M.) who took a picture with the rest of his friends in a …

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Night Bathing

This story was told to me by a friend when I got to know during my vocational work. The following is what he had told me. When I was serving the army, there were a lot of chances for my platoon to go oversea training. There was once when we went to Thailand for training. …

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Being an regional internal auditor, I travel very frequently to South East Asia countries. This was what happened during my 1st business trip after taking up this job. It happened in one of the service apartments in Bangkok. I didn’t feel anything wrong with the room for the 1st nite… (in fact, it was very …

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Hotel Haunting

I have this friend whose family which is on very good terms with us and we sometimes go overseas with them during the holidays. Once on a cruise, my friends`s mother told me 2 incidents during their trip in Thailand. The first incident was in a hotel(which hotel she won`t tell me). As it was …

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