A Trip

The story i am going to tell u all happened on a friend’s of my grandma.

Six of my grandma’s friends planned to go for a holiday in Thailand. There was this man,(i’m not sure what’s his name so let’s call him M.) who took a picture with the rest of his friends in a thai temple and M was standing at the last row near to a wall. He was the last person and no one was behind or next to him. Just when the photographer was about to take the picture, M felt someone tapping on his shoulder from his left side. He turn around and saw no one. The photographer click on the camera and the picture was taken with M’s face turning side ways. So they decided to take the picture again. And again, just when the photographer was about to take the picture, M felt someone tapping on his shoulder again. He turned around asking the person to stop disturbing him and when he did that, he got a biggest shock out of his life!!! Cos standing right beside him was a man staring at him with his face disfigured. M was scared and told the rest of his friends what he saw and they left the place.

M was sick the next day and he kept telling the rest of his friends that the “ghost” was standing at his bedside staring at him and he was very frightened. But his friends saw no one beside him and ignored him. That day they left Thailand to return back to Singapore, M was still sick and told his friends that the “ghost” had come for him. By the time they reached Singapore airport, M was still alive. His friends told him not to let his imagination run wild as he is perfectly fine.

As there was still some time left, they decided to develop the photos they took in Thailand at the nearest photo shop. Three days later, M passed away due to a strange sickness. Before he died, he left a letter for those who went to Thailand with him telling them to burn away those photos they took in the Thai temple.

Just as they went to collect the photos, the owner of the shop told them that there was something wrong with the photos they took. When the rest of M’s friends saw the photos, they too had a shock…

Standing beside M was a disfigured man in red staring at him. And whenever there is a photo of M, there is always the disfigured man in red beside or near M…

I did not get a chance to have a look at the photos cos they burnt it together with the negative straight away after the photos have been developed…

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