Holy Spirit

It happens two years ago, when i visited my uncle at Malaysia. As usual, i will take off from my work to get away from all the stress. I reach my uncle place at about late evening. It was late cause i travelled there by using my bike. It was about eight plus than i started to settle down. As usual the surrounding of the kampung is very peaceful. I then decided to go to my uncle neighbour house as i regard them as my family too. When i knocked on the door, there’s no one answer so i decided to wait under a guava tree that was facing the mosque.

Suddenly i saw a old man walking out from the mosque as the prayer time had just past. I try to take a look at the old man cause it assemble like my uncle neighbour whom i regaded as my own family. The old man was in a prayer costume that was baju kurung and sarong. He was holding a Quran (malay holy book). And its truth he is Datok Wahab (grandfather in malay term).

I called up his name but he just look at me for a while and carry on walking. I shouted at him to ask him to wait but there was no response from him. It seems like he was going somewhere. After a few times i shouted at him, there was still no response. So i decided to went back to my uncle home and called it a day.

The next morning when i was ready for breakfast, i suddenly think about the old man yesterday so i decided to ask my uncle what’s wrong with Datok Wahab. Before i could ask my uncle about it, my uncle say he got something to tell me. He say sorry for not telling me earlier because he was busy sewing his fishing net yesterday night. He told me that his neighbour whom i called Datok Wahab had pass away two weeks ago. I was so shocked to hear that.

Suddenly, i can feel that my whole body was shivering. I decided to kept it a secret, not to tell my uncle about the incident i encountered last night. The very afternoon i decided to went back to Singapore.

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