Fishing Encounter

Hell…this is a true story..and it happens just yesterday when i went to fish at labrador park (secret place where i can’t reveal cause groupers and siakap is abundant there) i decided to submit this experience of mine here cause i find it a great site…anyway the story begins here..

It was Sunday night when i reach labrador to fish with one of my was around 9.30 p.m and the street light is still on… everything was we both make through to our fishing spot.. after setting up everything..we were both ready to fish..just only half hour..i got my first fish! It wasn’t big..but at least its a catch isn’t it? So..feeling confident..i went to rehook my baits with prawn and ikan kembung and cast it back to the sea..After that..i decided to set up my lure-casting tackles..those who fish know what it is..

Anyway.. this fishing spot have a some kind of river..The seawaters enters the river when it is high tide and exits when it is low tide..I decided to try my luck there..alone..while my fren guards the bait casting rods about 20 metres away..I was patiently casting and reeling my artificial lure when my eyes started to water..It was so sudden..I blink a couple of time and it was gone..So i resume casting..

Suddenly my eyes start to water again and while blinking, i caught a glimpse of a white shroud hanging over the middle of the river! I froze and i look at the white shroud carefully and what i saw wasn’t any kind of shroud! It was a “creature” with long hair that covers the top part of the “creature” and IT was in the water, waist down assumming the creature is somehow at human height..The face was partially cover by the long hair but it is unmistakebly looking at me .. God.. i think i would have remain calm if it just float away without looking at me..but heads towards me..No man would think twice with this kind of situation..I ran pulling my rod along and i got my lure stuck underwater..i give it a hard tug and the line snap..I quickly went over to my fren and urge him to pack things up while i show him a calm face..No use making him scared or else he would be running away 1st..

Fortunately..he quickly stuff his belongings without any question…and we went away from that place..I was praying very hard in my heart and mutters prayers too..My friend didn’t ask me anything though..Then it struck me..Our bait casting rods is left behind..There was nothing i could do i just leave it behind..We hit the main road and flag a taxi home and incidentally, the taxi driver was a malay and during our journey, he ask me whether did i fish at labrador and i nodded..He actually ask me to be careful cause it is known that the place was “keras”..Then i added that i saw something floating over the water..and whats surprising, my fren says he smells something rotten..The driver just keep quiet and change topic about the taxi midnight charges..

I told my fren to sleep at my house and he agreed..Its better to go home with 2 people rather than alone.. Luckily..nothing happened after that and we have a discussion early in the morning…Now..i am wondering hows my bait casting rods now..

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