Fishing Trip

Once there live a two sisters who lived together,they are orphanage there lived together and there have no parents to live with them and take care of them. the first one which is the sister name malini and the other wnat name maliana. So one day, malini have a steady name Ali, so maliana have the same steady as malini aslo name ALI.So as malini when a date with her steady Ali, suddenly saw her sister Maliana, she saw Malini with her steady. Then Maliana stop them and ask that my boyfriend and answered by Malini “this is my boyfriend too” So they all went home and quarrel at home.Maliana took out a chopper and appointed the chopper to her boyfriend. She said you lier so i should kill you.An accidently hit her sister, so her sister head wa chop off. And her boyfriend saw her dead on the floor and quickly ran as fast as he could. So Maliana giggles she don’t know what to do. So she drag Malini’s Body and drag her head and maliana buried Malini’s body in the ground and her head maliana throw in the sea.

So the next morning,Maliana’s neighbour wanted to go fishing. So he went to the sea to catch some fish.And he feel something, he thought that he could catch a big fish so he pull the fishing rod and he was scared.So he thought the head belongs to his neighbours head. So he decided to take the head and put it in a plastic and bring it to the police station.And the police say this head should belong to the musuem.And the police put the head in the musuem for a displayes in the musuem. So the story was put up in the news paper and the sister Maliana read the paper and that night she went to the musuem to find her sister’s head and she went. she was scared that the head started to jump up and down and she say what you are doing here?? The sister keep on saying the same thing and Maliana say nooooooooooooooooooo.And that is the dream made up by Maliana.

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