Pasir Ris Park

I heard this story from a close friend of mine. She was havin a chalet at the Pasir Ris Resort with her stead and their friends. As i wasn’t free that day, i did not attend the chalet.

They went ghost hunting that nite about 12.30am at the pasir ris park, the mangrove swamp as it is told to be haunted. There were 8 people altogether. They brought Lights sticks(the concert type of lights) along and when they reach the mangrove swamp, it was errie and dark. They entered the place.

Two of their friends who can see such “things” lead the way. They saw a white figure walkin up the stairs of the mangrove tower. Then on the normal day, it will only take u 10-15 mins to walk from one end of the mangrove swamp to the other end. But that nite, they took 2 – 21/2 hours to finish walking that path. On the way, they heard errie, high pitch laughters. Telling them that they are not going to leave that place alive. When they were suppose to do their headcount, in case any of them went missing, there were 2 new “PEOPLE” added to their group(cos there were only 8 of them)and the head count ended with 10 poeple. U can imagine how frighten my friends felt at that time.

When they reach the other end of the mangrove swamp, something that looks like a human being fell from the top of the tower. The two guys who can see such “things” later told them that it was the same figure they saw when they enter the tower earlier. Feelin frightened, they all ran back to the chalet.

The next morning, all 8 of them noticed that there are blue-black marks on the hands and legs. The strange thing was, they dun feel the pain and don’t even know how they got it. I saw those blue-black marks on my friend’s hand and trust me… they weren’t any ordinary marks…

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