Hotel Haunting

I have this friend whose family which is on very good terms with us and we sometimes go overseas with them during the holidays. Once on a cruise, my friends`s mother told me 2 incidents during their trip in Thailand.

The first incident was in a hotel(which hotel she won`t tell me). As it

was already evening time by the time they book in, all of them were tired and dying to take a hot bath. They went into their room, my friend went to turn on the hot water for the bath tub and went out of the toliet. After a while his mother went to the toliet and saw something in the mirror. Because of the hot water, the mirror was blured by the steam. On the blured mirror were words(in Chinese I think) telling them if they dont want to be disturbed they`d better not use the toliet too often. Of course they were shocked and wanted a room change but for some reason the hotel won`t change for them. So they had no choice but to stay there. That night while everyone was asleep, my friend`s mother woke up and saw a dark figure standing outside the toliet door. It was just standing there no movement at all. I think she stared at it for quite a long time before falling asleep but that thing just stood there. The next morning they changed hotel immediately.

The second incident was also during the same trip but at another location in Thailand but it happened to someone else. The place they had to stay for the night was like our east coast chalets and they were all lined up around a very deep swimming pool with all the windows facing the pool. She told me that there was a 20+ yr old female in their group and that night some of them in the tour group saw her walking to the pool with her swim suit on. When she neared the edge of the pool she suddenly froze with a look on her face as if she had a shock. Those who saw her quickly ran to her to see what had happened. They carried her to her room where she recovered.

They asked her questions and she said that while she was asleep, she heard a female voice calling her to the pool. She told them it seems she was in a dream. When she got up from her bed she saw a girl at the pool calling for her. As she could not control her movements, she changed into her swim suit and walked to the pool. She said her body seemed to move by itself and when she neared

the pool, the girl just disappeared and she just `woke up` from the dream. It was really lucky for her as the pool was empty!!! If she had jumped in she would have suffered serious injuries or death!!

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