Being an regional internal auditor, I travel very frequently to South East Asia countries. This was what happened during my 1st business trip after taking up this job. It happened in one of the service apartments in Bangkok.

I didn’t feel anything wrong with the room for the 1st nite… (in fact, it was very cosy) but things happen during my second nite…….. It was mid-way thru my sleep at about 3.30am. I started to hear dogs howling, about two to three dogs I think.

Being a light sleeper, I became wide awake then. It seemed like the howlings came from the houses beside the service apartment. I just didn’t feel comfortable about it. Why didn’t they howl on the 1st nite? Why was it so loud – I was staying on the 5th floor and windows were shutted? At about 4am, they suddenly stopped. Just when I thought I could get a good sleep, I heard loud banging sounds coming from within my room!!! The sound came from the wardrobe! It was as if the whole wardrobe was shaking violently and “something” was trying to dash out of it! I was (and still am) very sure it wasn’t a dream, I was already awakened by the dogs howling. I was freezed and didn’t even dare to move. It lasted for at least 30 seconds (mind you, 30 secs is a very long time in such situation – alone in a room somemore).

I was already drenched with sweat when it stopped. Slowly, I moved my hand to on the bed light (I used to sleep with all lights except the toilet lights, off whenever I go overseas. Dare not do it after this trip). I took a peek at the wardrobe, there was nothing there. I closed my eyes and try to calm myself down. I told myself: “If that ‘thing’ wanna distrub me, it can always turn off my bedlight”. At this moment, my bedlight went off!!! Sh_t!!! “Where got so coincident one”, I told myself. I quickly jumped out of my bed, grap my wallet and sandal, opened the door and dashed out of the room.

I demanded for a change in room immediately.

I did check the bedlight afterthat and found that it was actually blown…. but could it be so coincident???

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