Out For Revenge

I wonder if you still remembered the incident that happened in 1999 when a Taiwanese stewardess with SIA was found murdered in her hotel room in LA.

Being in the same industry, there were a few incidents that i heard from some of my colleagues. It was reported in the papers that the victim’s family buried her in red. The chinese believes that by buring her in red she will be able to get her revenge.

Soon after the incident, another group of cabin crew checked in the same hotel & one of the girls from the group was in that very room where the victim was found murdered. According to her while she was sleeping, she felt uneasy and she woke up, she saw the ‘victim’ standing right there at the foot of her bed wearing red.

The ‘victim’ then told the girl not to be afraid of her & what she wanted was help to find her murderer. The ‘victim’ said that the guy that was found guilty was not the real murderer and she still waiting for the real murderer.

The poor cabin crew wasn’t the only one who experienced encounters but other girls who were also staying in that room. After some time, SIA decided to shift all their crew to another hotel.

Other than the hotel room incident, other cabin crew have also seen the ‘victim’ onboard the flight to LA from Taiwan. According to them, the ‘victim’ will always be standing near to the washroom wearing red. She would not be disturbing anyone but she would only be looking. Again she’s talked to some of the crew that she’s waiting for the real murderer.

We don’t know for sure if it’s true that the guy who was found guilty was the real murderer or was he just an accomplice?

The recent accident of flight SQ006 in Taiwan bound for LA which left many dead coincidentally happened on the very day the ‘victim’ was found murdered. Pure conincidence or has she finally had her revenge?

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