Old Ladyhill Hotel

This incident happened to me when I was doing my vacation job as a waiter at the old Ladyhill Hotel back in 1990. My job is basically to attend to customers and diners at the Coffee House but the hotel being a small one, we at times have to attend to Room Service calls. Now, I must say that everyone there loves to attend to Room Service cos of the tips.

For those of you who have been to this hotel or used to work there, you should know how it looks like. The hotel consists of a main 6-storey building. The rest are 4-storey high chalet like rooms, surrounding the swimming pool and the coffee house. The chalet like buildings are in a row numbered from 7 to 13. Between rooms 10 and 11, there is like a walkway leading to the Coffee House. The end of the block next to room 13 is a driveway for cars to drive around the hotel. At this point I must add that should we are attending to rooms 12 and 13 we can use this driveway instead of the walkway.

The driveway is a one way street and that on the other site of the narrow driveway is already the fencing to some old collonial house. Over the other side of the fencing, there was this huge and dense bamboo tree and the bamboo have actually arched itself into the hotel compound causing it to be really dark at the already poorly litted driveway.

So here goes the story, this particular incident happened when I was doing the afternoon shift. It was about 10.30pm when there was an order of food from room 1342. I would not usually be atending to it but on this particular night, I was like so happy when my captain ask me to attend to it. I decide to take the shorter route by going by the driveway next to room 13. As I was walking along the poolside, I must say that I could sense something was not right… I have like goose pimples and started to recite some prayers silently. As I approached the end of the block, the feeling got worse but I tell myself it’s just a feeling and nothing more. Little did I know what was waiting for me round the corner.

As I turned the corner of the block into the driveway, I saw it. I was like frigging stunned and stop me dead in my track. The figure was of a lady in white squatting underneath the bamboo tree on the other side of the fencing. It’s face was facing down and her long hair reach to the ground in that squatting position. I actually thought of placing the tray on the ground and run for my life but I just look away and continue reciting some prayers. The minute I turn to the front of the block, I was like so relieved with all the brightness of the block. I must admit that I was trembling and scared out of my wits as I took the stairs up to the 4th floor. I didn’t stop reciting the prayers silently and was like looking down on the stairs throughout the way up.

Little did I know what was in store for me at the 4th floor. At that time I was at the staircase landing between the 3rd and 4th floor and as I turned to take the last flight of stairs up something on the 4th floor caught my attention and when I looked up I saw something and I tell you… I almost pee in my pants… I was so frigging scared and was ready to throw the tray at whatever it was there. However, it turned out that it was one of the maintenance/engineering guys attending to a call at Room 1341. I was like so glad to see him and told him to wait for me there outside the room as I sent the food in.

After coming out of the room, I told him what happened and we actually went back by the same way cos he wanted to see that thing. However, the thingy was not there and I actually like showed him where the thing was. I was like so relieved and told my colleagues about it and I was told to rest till my reporting off time at 11.00pm.

That one experience has been with me since then and I’m like 10 years older now and have never really shared the story with friends cos I don’t really believe in such things and so far so good… I have managed to keep that thing away from me or it has managed to keepself away from me… The End

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