The Mansion

It was two years ago when my friend and his other friends decided to go for an adventurous holiday in Malaysia.

They went there by train. They rested at a cheap motel and woke up the next morning. They actually wanted to go to a nearby jungle area near the town. But when they asked around for transport to take them to the jungle, all the taxi drivers refused. They were frustrated at the way the people acted. They then sat at a nearby coffee shop to rest. They then planned what they were going to do. When their drinks were served the old man overheard them talking. He then told them that the taxi drivers refused because the place was not clean and no one dared to go there especially at night even during the day time no one dare to go there. They then asked the old man how they could go there, the old man refused at first then my friend offered him some money and then he agreed as my friend offered him $200. He asked his elder son to send my friend to the jungle. At first he refused but as his father told him the money involved in it, he agreed.

They left the coffee shop around 5 p.m. and they left in a mini bus. The journey took them about 3 hours. When they reached the place the man asked them to walk on the path way in the jungle and rest first at a mansion where there will be people staying and will allow them to rest at the mansion. They ask the man how much must they pay for resting at the mansion, the man said that the couple who owns the mansion are nice people and would not ask them to pay for resting at their place. They thank the man and paid the man the money. The man said they should walk quickly as it was going to rain. They walk quickly and they finally reached the mansion.

It was an old mansion with big gates and a high wall covering the property of the owners. They then rang the old bell that rang the whole house. Then an old man opened the gate and a well-dressed man in a suit greeted them. They told the man about their problem and the old man brought them to the owners of the house. The owners were two elderly people. They talked to the couple and the couple agreed to let them stay there for a night. The owners had three servants, a butler, a nurse and a gardener. They then were served food for dinner. After dinner they decided to sleep, as they were tired. A bell then waked them up in the morning. They then freshened up and went down for breakfast. After breakfast they thanked the couple and went out to continue their hike to the jungle. They then turned back and saw that the house was condemned and they saw the old couple and the servants waving at them. To their surprise they saw the couple wearing a white cloth covering their whole body and only showing their face. As for the gardener he’s neck was covered blood, the butler face was burnt and the nurse was covered with injections. They ran out shouting until they ran to the road and stopped a truck.

The driver asked them what were they doing out here. They kept quiet and insisted the driver bring them to the coffee shop in the nearby town. When they reached the coffee shop the old man asked why they returned so fast. They were shocked and ask the man how long they were gone and he old them that they were only gone for a few hours. They were shocked and sat down in silence. The old man advised them to stay at his home till tomorrow comes. They woke up and told the man what happened and what they saw. He was angry with his son for what at happened. His son apologized and regretted that he did not sent them to the mansion personally. The old man told them that all the people staying and working in the mansion died horribly. The butler was killed while he was boiling water for his master. The master was killed next as he ate wrong medicine. The nurse then died because she fell down the stairs and the syringe poked into her throat, which caused her to lose a lot of blood. Then the old lady died because there was no nurse to bring her the medicine. After the death of the old lady the gardener stopped work but it was too late for him as he was later found hanging on the tree branch with a gardening tool choking his neck to death and was bleeding continuously even after they sewed up his neck.

After they heard about the story they went to a bomoh where he told them that they need to be careful as the evil spirits is following them. As a precaution the bomoh gave them talisman for protection. After the incident the spirits did not hurt or endanger their lives

They went home and told me about what happen and I am now writing it to u guys but remember it is a true story and sorry that I can’t tell u guys where it is.

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