My Scary Experience

I just wanna share one of my horrid story that i’ve experienced with my friend when we spent our holiday in bangkok last year.

My friends and i stayed in this resort in bangkok which was located near the seaside. Can’t tell you guys the name, but it surely spooked the skeleton out of me. The resort was enormously big with hundreds of room.But the problem is,not many people stayed there and the building was darn scary,it was literally dark and at night we could hear the waves and the trees rustling eerily like it has this kind of evil aura.

Our first night in the hotel turned to hell. We booked 2 rooms that basically beside each other. Okay,everything turned out right when we first checked in to our rooms. But things started to go wrong, when i went to bath. When i was in the shower, i could feel someone lurking behind me like viciously.I felt so uneasy that i ran out of the shower with my bathrobe on and told my friend about it.

Then, after the first encounter around 11pm, all of us stayed in the same room and watched TV. And all of sudden, the phone rang. One of my friend picked it up and im telling you she was as white as sheet. She dropped the phone and on the loudspeaker so all of us could hear it. It sounds like a lady wailing and crying at the same time. We were freaked out and tried to call the receptionist for help but no one picked it up which is weird..

So we planned to go down the lobby which is quite far and we needed to walk. Just for your info that the rooms that we booked is kinda like bungalow. After we put on our jacket and umbrella ( was raining),we went out. We hold our hands together (all of us are girls) and tried to calm each other.

But when we strolled by the pond, we saw something we shouldn’t see. There was this dark figure of lady wearing a shredded dirty brown gown looking at us. When i saw through her dark eyes i knew from that second she doesn’t belong here, her eyes are as dark as night.Without thinking much, we ran as fast as could.But one of my friend fainted,so i had to carry her on my back under the heavy rain. I know it sounds bullshit,but when we ran thru the bungalows and trees,we saw her hovered her feet and tried to pace with us.I was about to faint too when i saw her did that thing, my knees were trembling. Trembling because of fear not from carrying my friend. One of my friend is buddhist,so when we ran at the same time i could hear she chanted mantras.

A few minutes passed,we arrived at the counter with our clothes soaked wet.We told the whole story to the security guard and they let us rest in the lobby until the guards finished checking our room. This experience caused me trauma for the rest of my life.For the first time,i saw a pure evil.I couldn’t forget how dark her eyes were.

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