Hotel Ghost Story

Let me share my close encounter with the another world. During my teenage year,while working in a 5tars hotel near Orchard rd.It was my first midnite shift.11pm.-7pm.At about captain ask me to send some food to room.On reaching the floor through staff’s lift,saw a lady in white sleeping in Chambermaid store room.And her hair was long and luckily her face facing the wall.Without notice,I quickly walk past her and out to the guest room.And after that,take guest’s lift down.Afraid to go back there.

Tell my encounter to my captain,he laugh at me.And said,you will use to it after sometime.Heard from most of my colleages,they too encounter this Lady in white.She travel around the hotel vicinity around midnite hours.,amd disappear when dawn break.

More to come……..

2nd incident….

After sighting of the lady in white,I very careful when approaching that floor.So one windly nite at about 4a.m.,has nothing to do,so hang behind one of the mid floor (staff lift) reading some foreign newspaper I found there.Out of a sudden…..heard a low frequency music.On close hearing,it sound like chinese wayang/opera singing.And with language I do not understand.

So without hesitate,look and hear around to see where the sound came from?

Still cannot pinpoint ,only can hear the sound from staff lift area.So rush down to call my colleague to accompany me up to prove I am not wrong.

So while he’s there,we wait for sometime,than the sound come out again.He freeze and as me not to go stay here to long.So we left there.

When we are back in our department,he told me,last time when this hotel was build.It was a Japanese camp/torture ground.So when you hear/sight/feel any unusual thing,just pray/talk to them that you are making a living and do not wish to disturb you…..and you will be safe.

It true after I start pratice this when ever I feel something follow me in the weird hour of the nite………

3rd incident.

One nite,it was my turn to go up the floors to collect breakfast card.(breakfast order by guest and hang outside their room door knot).The trick to collect them is to go up to the highest floor than walk from A(staff lift)to B(staircase).,than zigzag all the way down.

So here the story begin.First, took staff lift up to the highest floor than proceed with my round to collect b/fast card.Everything was fine until I reach 14thfloor lift.It just open without pressing the lift button.So thinking just coincidence.Don’t bother just went in and down to the next level(13th).When go out feel very eerie and quickly I walk to the other end.When at 12thfloor.walk to the lift,it suddenly open.SO shock!!Don’t no what to do,so run out than use guest lift to go down next level(11th).And start to feel someone following you behind .Without hazard take guest lift down and walk straight to my department .Looking pale ,my captain ask me what happen.Than he send another staff up to continue my job.On that following I was on med.leave for 3days.(high fever ).

And here the answer what happen that nite.According to my reguler/older staffs.Has told me that this spirits like to disturb staff when they are new there.So once they has recongise you,the next trip will be freed from them.

4th incident……..

Most of the incident happen at nite.And happen around 2-5 am.

So let begin.One nite ,was told to send some ice to this room#1234.On the way to the room,saw my security friend Ahmad walking away from me at the far end of the floor corridor.Try to get his attention by whisper,no avail.So call his name softly,but he just out to the staircase and disappear.

So I dont bolder,carry on my duty.After when I went down to my dept.,I went to the security ask where Ahmad is?His colleague told me he on leave for 1 week.

So just kept to myself until 1 week later.Saw Ahmad,ask him whether he on leave anot.Just to confirm my instinct.He reply yes and why?I told him everything and he told me.You are lucky that he impersonate me,what happen you see horror one.(the truth face)

Incident from my colleague #1

One hot summer night,when most of the hotel guests quiet down.Ah Seng(Bellhop)decided to take a nap at the poolside.So he found a place ,dark quiet corner and under an old tree.So he settle down on the beach chair there.Sleeping soundly through.,than from nowhere,he was awake by a hard slap on his face.He wokeup and lookaround but no ones there.So he decided to go back to work.

On his way back,passing my dept.I called him,he look dazz and ask me why?I told him who slap you??He tell me everything,because the slap is no ordinary slap.Huge and red.Told him to pray,he told me off.Week later,never heard from him.Met his buddy and ask about him.You know what his buddy told me???HE DIE IN HIS SLEEP,3 DAYS AFTER THIS INCIDENT.!!! So the story told us,do not any how sleep,urine or kick at any offering(pray) things.Go praying if you feel you have offend the spiritual world.

#2 incident from my colleague.

At night for most of the hotel,there is only 1 or 2 houseman on duty.So this incident happen to one of this Chinaman.He just came here to work only less than a week.He is so lazy that he alway look for dark/unnotice corners to take a nap.

So one night,also his second mid-nite swift.After no room call,he hide himself in the linen room.And he fall asleep there in the weird hour of the night.Suddenly he awake by a greenish light,than the light tranformed into a head,a urgly looking female head.Flowing infront of him and staring at him.

He was so frighten than he try to getup and run,but cannot.He feel that his whole body cannot move.He cry and cry,trying to call for help.But call no sound out.

Than he pass out!Few hours later,someone open the door.Wake him up and scold him for sleeping on duty.But he just keep quiet and run out.That time was 8 am.and one hour his off duty time.

After this incident,he was sick for 3 days and has told one of his colleague.He look lifeless and pale.So his friend brought him to the temple to do some praying.Than slowly he recovered,and he’s a different man now.Hard working ,dare not sleep on job and very religious man now.:p

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