Avoid Ghost In Hotel

1) before entry knock or ring the bell say “Sorry to disturb”

2) entry side ways so that in case there is anything unclean, it can leave without knocking into you.

3) Prepare a pair of shoes or slippers and place them opposite each other at the door so that unclean things from outside will follow the footwear out.

4) Place a cup of water at the head of the bed to ward off evil.

5) Before you use the toliet flush first to get rid of any unclean stuff that is lingering from the earlier occupant.

6) If there is a bible in the room or/and it is flipped opened leave it as it is.

7) Avoid wearing black and red. Wear more yellow to ward of evil.

8) When sleeping keep the toilet door closed and do not switch on the light

9) Do not sleep facing a big mirror because it attraches negative energy

10) When sleeping at night do not put your shoes neatly best if arranged opposite each other. Additionally do not place it facing the bed. Kicking them all over the room is also okay.

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