Haunted Hotels

This is a true first hand account of my experiences with hauntings.

1. A 2 star hotel in Taipei – can’t remember the name as it was so long ago. I stayed alone in the room and in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of the cupboard (2 star, no build in wardrobe hor), rattled. It sounded like there’s someone locked inside trying to get out. I was so petrified I ran out of the room and frantically pressed the lift to the lobby level, ran to the receptionist counter and told the staff there what happened. They got a security guard to go back to the room with me and no sound from the cupboard. The guard opened the cupboard to check and there was no one there. Because I was hysterical, the hotel changed my room.

2. I used to work at this hotel called Hotel Malaysia, subsequently called Marco Polo Hotel in Tanglin, near orchard. The hotel is now a service apartment. There used to be a pub on the lower level of the hotel and staff were not allowed to use the pub’s toilets so my colleagues and me used the toilets on the shopping arcade next to the pub. It was around 8 plus in the evenings. I was early for work that day so I went to the toilet to freshen myself up. The ladies’ toilet has only two cubicles. When I went in, one of the cubicle was occupied. Thinking it was one of my colleagues I called out ‘Mabel? Is that you?’ – no one answered. I knocked on the door making a lot of noise intended to irritate my colleague. We always did that to each other so when I got no reply, I wasn’t bothered thinking that whoever it was inside would eventually come out. I then went to the other empty cubicle to pee. I heard the sound of flushing from the next cubicle and again I yelled “Woi! Mabel! You deaf ah!’ I hastily finished my business and got out of my cubicle hoping to see my friend. The cubicle was still closed. I got down on my knees to look under the door and to catch my friend’s legs with my hand. THERE WAS NO LEGS! My hair stood on ends and hurriedly getting up I rushed out of the toilet hoping to see someone I know. I met Mabel who was on her way to the toilet. I told her what happened and together we entered the toilet. BOTH the cubicles were empty and the doors opened. No one was in the toilet. No one could have gotten out without Mabel or me seeing who it was. It was really creepy man! From that day onward, none of my female colleagues dared to use that toilet and the manager

had no choice but to allow us to use the toilet inside the pub.

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