Knock In Bangkok

Just 2 years ago, my friends and I went for a short Bangkok trip. While we were there, we stayed in a hotel in the Pratunam area (It was near First Hotel) Upon checking in,the 4 of us split into the two rooms. I was unpacking my stuffs when I heard knocking noises.It sounded like it came from the end of the corridor.My friend’s unit was situated there.

My room mate and I opened the door to check what was going on.Nothing.I was surprised no one else bother to look out at the corridor to see what was happening. As time goes by, the knock got exceptionally loud and it was definitely from the area near my friend’s room. After much discussion, my room mate and I braved our way to our friend’s room. She told us that she heard the knocks but ignored it. She was actually telling us to stop knocking on her door like that as she was trying to rest. We tried explaining it wasn’t us and she was skeptical coz she knew me as someone playful.

I was let off the hook finally when the next round of knocking occurred. It was so loud the knocking/banging that I could hear it clearly from my room. My room phone rang and my friend asked us if we were the ones responsible for the loud knocking. I replied ” Are you kidding me? We are both in the room watching TV. How can we be knocking your door and be in the room at the same time??”

We got the hotel staff to come to her room.They started explaining that the knocks were coming from the wall. Another one said it was coming from the air con.Bull shit lahh. To settle the matter, my 2 friends were given another room just opposite mine. After they left their old room, we never hear any knocking sounds anymore.

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