My Thailand Trip

Was in Bangkok, Thailand many years back on a 4 day 3 night trip and stayed in this cheap motel. It wasn’t comfortable to begin with and the room was so dusty when we entered. Anyway 3 of us were sharing the room when we slept we made sure the curtains are drawn because the window is facing the back alley with street light so we make it a point to draw the curtain to the extend where the room is pitch dark. On the second night after all of us dosed off to dreamland. something woke me up. I open my eyes and saw this long white figure standing next to the dressing table. I don’t know what made me so calm that night i just turned to the other side with blanket over my head shutting my eyes tight. Then i begin to hear the sound of chain dragging against the floor and it was really scary considering I’m the only 1 awake…

The following night my best friend decided to turn in early so left with me and the other friend still awake my best friend was sleeping between us and all of the sudden she jump out of the bed and stared at me in a way that i have never seen before for at least 1 min then fall back to her sleeping position again. The next morning when we asked her about it she have totally no recollection of what she did.

Till today when I’m in Thailand I’m still scare of these things although I know God will protect me as promise in the bible but I will always ask my friends to pray for journey mercy especially when i go Thailand!!

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