Night Bathing

This story was told to me by a friend when I got to know during my vocational work. The following is what he had told me.

When I was serving the army, there were a lot of chances for my platoon to go oversea training. There was once when we went to Thailand for training. During the training, we stayed over at the Thai’s camp. The room was long and thin so the bed was put side by side in a row. The door was at one corner and the bathroom plus toilet was at the other. There were two officers there, one sleep near the door while the other sleep near the toilet. And the other recruit sleep in between them. As there were more beds than men so the beds nearer to the toilet were empty.

It was about 3am in the morning, when the officer sleeping near the bathroom was awaken by the sound of a running tap. He woke up and saw the light of the bathroom was on and somebody was bathing inside. He was curious that who was so daring to bath at night. He pretented to be asleep so that he can catch the person when he comes out. After 5 or 10 min, the tap stop running. Then the light was switched off. The officer kept his eyes half-closed to see who was coming out. But it went slient for the next 10 minutes. Still no one came out. “Whoever is in there must be still inside” thought the officer.

The officer got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to check it out. He turned on the lights in the bathroom and opened the door to see who’s in there. To his surprise, he found no one there. But the floor was wet. There is no way that the person could sneak pass him uncaught.

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