Terror Tekong

Well the 5 month i spent in Tekong were the greatest you must think i am crazy to say that but hay its a cool place [during the day i mean] you really feel in touch with nature there. Oklah lets start my story. Its nearly 4 am in the morning so forgive my spelling.

When i was at 2 bts or better known as Pulau Tekong in 95, the place wa really creepy at night. The total silent you hear yourself breath and whats more worst doing guard duty at night. What even worst doing it on a week end when theres no body there. Theres this one time that i never forget. We were told by the guard commander to patrol the perimeter of the camp and one such area was behind the bunks. For those who have been there and know camp 3, if my memory serve me well, was a 7 level barracks like a flat. It is said that [oh man my hair standing just thinking about it] The corner toilet 2 level next to the stairs were haunted the toilet doors were nailed shut. It is said to be the nest of a pontianak. Some say a soldier kill himself there. As we were walking behind the toilet which was above, me and my buddy heard one of the toilet doors slam hard [by the way this happen on a week end no body around] Both my buddy and me frezze on the spot. He was 5 meters away from me. He was looking at me. His motion me to look out to check out where the noise came from[in my heart gila ke budak ni / siow ah want me to look up] I shake my head and motion with my hands to keep calm and move on.

By now we were walking side by side fearing for what we gonna encounter next. As we reach the officer bunk, it got cold and really dark behind the officers barrack. To our left, a few meters away was the jungle. At the end of the bunk, there is this one corner where they throw old desk and chairs. Its like a dumping ground. Its also suppose to be the most haunted spot in the area. As we walking to one of the check point which pass the spot, our lights died. My face was pale as hell so was my buddy. Lucky for me, my buddy was the kiasu type. He got spare light with him.

As we reach near the spot, my buddy was walking to check point to sign in. I was standing there waiting for him as he turn back walking to me and facing the dumping area, he stood in his tracks. His eyes wide open. He was saying something like [siam! siam! the idiot me heard he was saying mee siam mee siam, where the hell we gonna find mee siam at these hour .. in tekong some more siow ! siow! i say back] But as i got near to him [shoot hair standing again], i could see fear in his eyes and he was looking something behind me. Only than i heard something sounds like grunting gerrrrr gerrrrr. In my mind, i was thinking that it might be a warthog u know like [phumba and timon the cartoon] but if it was, it have charge at us by now. I start to smell something bad, something rotten as my hair stood up. I know what my buddy was looking at. Scared as hell, i know it was a pontianak.

By then, my buddy was shaking. I grab his arm. I call his name 2 times then he look at me. I told him shut your eyes and trust me. He nod his head and shut his eyes. After a few prayer with my back facing the dumping ground, i side step and pull my buddy along with me. It was like leading the blind. After we cleard the area, we ran all the way back to the guard post.

I asked him what he saw. He just shake his head [tell u when we go home tomorrow on the rpl] That what he told me. On the rpl next day, i asked again with a pale face and a shaking voice. He said he saw a women sitting on a desk. She was naked with cuts all over her body, dirty as corpes. Long hair cover her face, covering a blacken face with red blood eyes looking at him. Whats even worst, she was eating something ….. What? What? was …….she eating…It..look..it..look..like she was..eating …a ..baby [ohhh god thank god i did not look cause i might freeze too] She was coverd in blood. Blood dripping every where and when i look at the floor, she got no legs. Man, no freaking legs that was the last we ever talk about it. May be some of u guys know the spot that i talk about. Those of you who were in Tekong in 95.

Well guys, that it. I hope after reading my story, all of you will have a good nite sleep. I know i won’t. Good morning guys, god be with you. And for those still in Tekong, i pray that u wont encounter what my buddy and i did.

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