A Tale With A Twist

This isn’t a ghost story or a story i had encountered but it is a real story of a pilot in the Airforce in the west that i read up in a book. I don’t know if u guys will publish my story since it’s not a ghost story, but it sure is a strange one. Maybe some of u reading this had already know this story.

There was this one young trainee pilot flying up one calm sunny day. Everything was usual. There was this one time that he had to pass through a cloud, and when he came out of it, he noticed an antique wooden plane (the kind they used in World War 1) flying dangerously close to him. He barely managed to avoid collision, but the wings of his metal plane scraped the wooden plane. After he had landed, he asked his flying instructor who the hell would be flying an antique plane up there, as it was very dangerous. The instructor told him there was no one flying that kind of plane in modern times.

This story would still be a strange story had it ended here. But there was still a twist. A few years after that, some people found a wooden hut nearby the plane training base, and they found an antique plane covered in dust in it. After searching the plane, they found a log-book (pilots in the olden days always carry log-books to record every flight). After reading through it, there was this day dated sometime in 1910 that was very amusing. It said “i was flying on a calm day when all of a sudden, i saw a strange metallic-like plane just in front of me. Fortunately it did not collide, but its wings scraped through the body of my plane. It then suddenly disappeared”. When they checked the body of the wooden plane, they found a long scratch, and they detected some metal pieces still intact in it.

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