Ngee Soon Camp

This happened many many years ago when I was a recruit at the then 3 BTS at Ngee Soon Camp. It was a very new building then, I was amoung the “Lucky” second batch of enlistees to use that building. Being the youngest at home, I’ve heard so much “stories” about the older buildings (called the SBMT then) from my brothers and their friends. So I thought, “new building sure ‘clean’ one lah, ‘heng’ man”. True enough, almost nothing happened (or seemed to happen) during my whole BMT until it was just a couple of weeks before POP (Passing Out Parade). It was our last night shoot (note: last night shoot already). We were back at camp at about 1+ am. After “sending in” arms, some “tekan” here and there, and shower, it was about 3am when we were ready to sleep. Don’t know why, I became very “on” that morning, decided to go polish my boots for the next day parade training.

As the bunk lights were off, I have to proceed to the staircase to polish my boots. I was staying on the top floor (4th floor – “Charlie” Coy), so the staircase was the one that leads to the roof top. This was when things happened, I started to hear sound from the roof top! The sound became clearer and clearer. Soon I was able to make out what it was: “Dry run” training for night shoot! As all those in army will know, we normally have “dry run” trainings before going for actual range shoot. But mind you, we had just completed our final shoot. Both “Alpha” and “Bravo” companies (which occupied the 2nd and 3rd floors, 1st floor was not bunks) were suppose to go POP with us, and should not be going thru “dry run” anymore. Some “tekan” sessions, I thought. So I take a look at the 2nd and 3rd floors, all doors and windows were wide open, indicating everyone was in the bunks and asleep. So who are at the roof top then!? I quietly picked up my half-polished boots and went back to my bunk. I could hear the sound getting louder and clearer. Till today, I still dunno what “those” were? Perhaps, “they” shifted too???

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