The Swing

For those whose unit or reservist is at Sungei Gedong, surely you would know about the long stretch of road leading far into AETC(Armour engineer training center). It is definitely a bane for guard duty personnels who have to pass by that route in total darkness, no times no less!

Well here goes the story.

A group of my platoon and unit mates were chosen for guard duty on a weekday. This meant the duty would be from 6pm to 8am the next day. At 5.45pm, after drawing arms, washing up and consuming our dinner, 15 of us marched over to the guardhouse. The RPs were glad to see us arrive and they waited for the Guard 2IC to take over duties.

Duties were quickly assigned, and some of us choose to be the prowlers and the rest sentries. At the request of another platoon mate, i agreed to be prowler for 3 shifts (Each prowler had to do a total of 3 shifts, with 4 hour breaks in between, as there are three groups).

The first shift went without any mishap, as the sun had not set. Nightsnack is always welcomed during guard duty However it was during the second shift that I met with that incident.

As usual we drew our arms, torchlight and comms set. We set off on the path from the back of the ATC stadium towards the 46SAR vehicle shed. Dogs were seem to be everywhere, with even a pair following us for quite a distance. At this point in time, at around 12mn, things were pretty serene and silent, with perhaps the occasional lights in some of the bunks.

It was during the turn into the AETC route that i noticed something strange. There is a vehicle parking area on the right infront of AETC. While walking past it, the front lamp suddenly flickered out, and i noticed that the gates were actually open (the metal chains holding on to the gates were loose). Looking into the distance in the dark, i could see that there was a “swing” and it was moving! Without a doubt, i was shocked but managed to keep my calm to continue into the old AETC vehicle shed… (which is even creepy, especially since the whole area is abandoned).

By the time we came out and passed by the same path, the gate was locked and the lamp was on again! The final shift of my duty, I noticed that the gate was the same condition, locked and lamps on…

With that, we ended our guard duty for that errie night and went back for the next day of lessons

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