Haunted Hotel In Bangkok

I’ve read about a story of a haunted hotel in Bangkok, submitted by a girl on this website. I have my own experience so i’m gonna share it with you guys.

Well, this think happened two years ago when I’m on a holiday with my family at Bangkok. We stayed at this hotel called ‘Bangkok Palace Hotel’. It was a lovely one except that the surrounding was quite eerie….. My sister and I shared a bedroom no.41 while my mom and dad shared a room no.40. Before entering our room, we shouted “ASSALAMUALAIKUM!!(peace be upon you) ANYBODY HOME?”. You see, we’re really scared as we had heard stories that all hotels being haunted. My sister and I planned that if someone or something answer us, we will run for our lives. So nothing happened and we had a good bath.

When we were watching television, someone knocked our door. We opened it surprised to see that there are a few more people who opened their bedroom door. They stared at us blindly before closing their door. A few minutes later we heard the same knocking but my sister and I were really careful so we peek first. This time two or three persons also opened their door. Eeriee huh?? Then, on the third knocking, we ignore it until my mom shout “Adik,kakak! Bukak pintu!(Girls!Open the door!)” We ran 2-gether and open up the door quickly and dash into our parents room.

We ate slowly. My mom ask us to eat quickly because we had to get up early the next morning. So we eat quickly and went back to our room.

The next morning, all my mom’s and my dad’s friends (we were on a tour lah..) told my parents about the knocking. But then, my parents ask them to remain calm.

Now when night came, a friend of my mom’s daughter saw two black figures at the edge of their bed and fall sick. And there’s this Chinese woman saw her Buddha-like lamp moving and quickly went back to sleep.

Now, the next nite, my mom’s friend was thirsty so she opened up the fridge and drink some water. Upon closing back the fridge, she saw a man’s head, half face half a bloody face swaying its head. She quickly shout the ‘AZAN’ seven times and that face dissappear. Now this nenek was going to take her “wudhu’” before praying. She saw this Buddha sitting on her toilet bowl. She remain calm and recite the Surah Yassin, a verse from our holy book, Al-Quran. Then the Buddha slowly dissapear into thin air. The rest of our journeys were okay…

My family felt lucky because nothing happened to us except for the knocking. About the knocking, it was actually little ghosts playing prank on us because my dad’s friend said that he heared many tiny little footsteps running here and there. The hallway will also get noisy even thought there was no one in sight..

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