A Passing Ghost

This story which i`m writing happened in the year 1989, before i was born but it was related to me by mother. We`re staying at Ubi Avenue 1 which used to be a Kampung (Eunos village).

It was a fine night & my father was on his regular night shift. My mother & brother was the only person that`s left in our house. It was about 11.30 pm & they were going to bed. My mother went to the bathroom & my brother proceeded to the bedroom. He was small then, about 4 years old. Suddenly, he screamed as loud as he could. The bedroom was near to the kitchen toilet. My mother was curious about his shouting. My mother asked him, “Why are u shouting Aiman?”. He answered, “I just saw a ghost”. My mother asked him to describe how does the ghost looks like? He said, “It has got a long hair & a sharp teeth!”. My mother was scared too but there was nothing much that she could do. So when they went to bed, my mother switched on all of the lights.

The next day my mother decides to call a Bomoh “Malay Medium”. The Bomoh came & did a religious rites & it`s confirmed that what my brother saw was a “Pontianak” which happened to just passes by our house. The Bomoh helped to get rid of the spirit.

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