Weird Night

It was 1972 and I was 15yrs then, living at a small kampong in Telok Blangah district. Some had moved out to give way for redevelopement of the area leaving a few number of abandoned house around. Well, mine was located at the end corner of the kampong and surrounded by fruit trees such as rambutan, jackfruit, mango, tapioca & some small bushes too and it was about 80m away from the nearest neighbour.

The air was fresh and cool during the evening and sometimes i spent the evening resting at the front house watching the star and listening to noises from the insect around. Oh! Don`t mention those blood sucker, no matter what we do(burning and smoking old/dry leave),they would still attack furiously. Well, it was Thursday night at around 11.45pm returning frm my friend house after watching TV of the famous pontianak story acted by actress Mariam Minado. Feeling a bit scared, I walked home alone without looking left, right or back. The night was quite as usual.

I walked up the few steps and reached the back door which was the only access direct to my small rm which roommed 1 bed & and a small writing table. A small window measuring about 1 1/2 sq ft. was located above the writing table and reflects the calm night. As my eyes started to fall asleep, suddenly a loud scratching sound from the zinc roof which at first start as a normal friction of the rambutan tree branches seemmed unbearable. Feeling frustrated, I grabbed a small parang under my bed(lately snakes have been seen around the house)and saying to myself that that thing is going to get it from me, the sound got louder and louder as though someone is peeling the zinc roof. Slowly and carefully without making any noise, I angrily opened the house main door and rushed out with the parang on my hand. Shockingly, the sound dissapered immediately.

I muttered to myself `if u dare come out`.but there was calm in the night.the jackfruit tree was stil not even a slight move.looking up i saw the moon shine brighly far away.i went back into the house and saw my grandfather sleeping soundly on the makeshift bench across the hall.i wondering how come he is not awaken by the loud zince noise.As I lay on my bed and waiting to fall asleep,i feel eerie and my body start to shiver when i realised that it was Thursday night(malam Jumaat), an auspicious day which the muslims believes the day when many spirits and ghosts wanders around…

the next evening after the magrib prayer at the nearby mosque,one of my friend was chit-chatting about ghost and one of them admitted that yesterday night, returning from work, he saw a white bird the size of an eagle perching on the rambutan branch nearby but with a human head with long white hair..

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