Ghost Of Tree

This is actually not my story. It came from my my grandpa’s brother. This story is based on his experiences in the kampong days in the 1950s. On a fine night in a party, so many people like eating biscuits. When everybody ate the biscuits, so many biscuits will be finish. When the biscuits are finished by the relatives, grandpa’s older brother must buy more tins of biscuits for the relatives to eat. It was already at 10.25 p.m. So he go to the shop as fast as he could. When he reaches the shop, he buy all the things he needed. After that, he do not go straight back to where he was before going to the shop. On the way home, he saw his friends sitting at the coffee shop. So he jumped in. He ordered a cup of ‘teh tarik’. They talked and talked until it was about 11.05 p.m. His friends all went home accept him. His friends said if he went home too late he will see a durian tree ghost. So he was afraid and decided to go home.

On the way back home, he suddenly saw a man passing motion near the river. He thought that the man was his friend. So he went to see who the man was. Suddenly, he saw a thing climbing a coconut tree. The thing was red in colour. When he see the sky, he saw something moving slowly down to the floor. His father said that if something dropped to the floor, dig it. So he dug it but he could not find anything because it was already dark. After the incident, he was sick for three days. He did not tell anybody about the incident. After he was relieved then he tell his father about the incident.

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