Pontianak At A Tree

In the late 70s, my mum lived in the kampong house in Eunos, she was pregnant that time, my second bro. Every night my first bro always need to go to the toilet. It was 1.00am and everyone were sleeping soundly. And as usual my mum would go to the toilet with my bro but that night something happened. She was walking as you know that kampong toilets are far from their houses she heard someone calling her name. She was curious. Who the heck calling her at that time as everyone was sleeping.

So she just ignored it and walked faster, she held my bro’s hand as tight as she can never let go. Upon reaching the toilet she saw that “thing” at a tree near the toilet. That “thing” was staring at her so my mum was saying some prayers at her heart the more she pray the more that “thing” stared at her and it has red blood eyes it’s face was so horrible that my mum shout as loud as she could. Luckily my dad heard and he woke everyone in the house that my mum was in trouble.

My grandpa brought out a ‘Parang’ and went towards my mum and he asked what happened and my mum could not say anything but she just pointed out at that “thing” and everyone look at the tree but there was nothing. My mum looked at it and it was there but no one else can see it and suddenly my mum fainted.

When she recovered she told my dad what she saw and my dad said that pregnant woman should not go out at nitealone that “thing” will go after her. My mum was lucky that she was not hurt.Thats why she could see that “thing” but no one else could see it. My mum told me that not everybody can see that “thing”.

Thanx 4 reading my story it was really true told by my mum….

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