A Strange Dream

This happened last year when I was still in Tekong for BMT.

I just completed the 2.4 run and was waiting for my friends to finish, thus a group of us were sharing their ghostly experience  on the island.

They told me the bunk I was sleeping in had some history to it, and there is a small talisman placed on top of the cupboard. I have seen it myself(friends and I kaypoh go and touch), and took quite a detailed look at it. The ‘drawings’ on it is not the typical taoist talisman, but it seems like Thai and some others.

They also said they have seen Pontianak sitting on the cupboards in the bunk that i have slept in, and the corridor wasn’t clean.

I was quite depressed at that time due to relationship problems and I commented that if they are really so ‘ling’ I hope they can help me to get the girl I love.

So that night I was back and sleeping, and I dreamt about a scene of somebody’s death somewhere in tekong and many were looking, I was there in the ‘scene’ but i didn’t get to see the dead body. At that point I realise I was dreaming. I started to get very scared. It’s like the conscious part of my mind woke up and told me I am dreaming, and I suddenly felt very very very scared, even though I know it’s just a dream.

I tried to wake up but unfortunately I got into the sleep paralyzed state whereby I can’t move. And to make matters worst, my mind convinced me by making me feel that there were many people looking at me, as if I was dead and people are looking at me.

My mind started to chant prayers and i was kanchiong, I thought of all the statues that I prayed at home, prayed to my zhu shi, then chant some prayers. I realise it wasn’t working. I chant another prayer and realise the situation isn’t improving. I keep ensuring myself my body is physically safe and I tried to visualise I am at home praying.

I soon fell asleep, again I woke up with that feeling that there are a lot of spirits/things looking at me again. It’s like they are surrounding my bed. However this time round I was not in sleep paralyze state, I saw my watch at it was about 310am.

Somehow after a while I fell asleep but got woken up again. I glanced at my watch and realise it’s only 330…wah I was already in a wtf state and started to pray and visualise and chant what ever I can. It took quite a while of chanting before I can get back to sleep, I was in cold sweat already

Lucky by the next time I woke up, some of my bunkmates are already awake.

Maybe it’s the things I have said that caused it, maybe it was too tired. Since this is a ghostly tale thread, lets put scientific explanation aside….or maybe it’s something science can’t explain….

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