Spooky Incident In Toilet

I was a medic in an Armour unit in Sungei Gedong in the year 2000. I was attached to Support company Recce platoon for their training. At the time there was a new batch of Recce commanders who had to go for a 3 month Recce commanders course. So I went with them to the old School of Military Intelligence in Portsdown road. It was made up of old British army buildings. Anyway the camp is old and always dimly lit, giving an eerie feeling. Not to mention it was ulu.

I remember it was the start of the 7th month when I booked in one Sunday night. The whole main street was lined with candles and those paper flags on both sides. The candles gave off an eerie glow. It was around 80 metres I believe. The lao jiao staff there said the place was very dirty but I hadn’t experienced anything. I was sharing a bunk with a few other attached personnel. We were bored and we didn’t sleep early usually so we decided to play some PS games to pass time. The driver got up around 1.30am and went to the toilet to take a crap while the rest of us carried on playing. About 10 minutes later we heard a loud scream coming from the toilet and we got shocked, but we decided that we would stay put. The driver came in not long later and we noticed his face was pale. We asked him if he was the one who screamed and he said yah, then he proceeded to tell us what happened.

He was squatting in the cubicle smoking and playing with his phone. It was quiet and quite dark. Then he realized that there was a shadow over him while he was there. He got scared and didn’t dare to look. Then there was a loud banging sound from the bunk upstairs and his reflex action was to look up towards the sound. That’s when he saw it and his reaction was to scream. He saw a black round object just over the door of the cubicle. That was when he screamed…

He realised that he was looking at his balled up pair of PT shorts which he put there himself because there was no hook on the cubicle door. LOL scared himself and the whole bunk…

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