My Army Ghost Stories

I recalled that we were at sada hill for our annual ICT once. It was dark and unlike our active days, the exercise was cut early and we were told to rest for the night. The night was still young and having cultivated a habit to collect ghost stories, I suggest all my friends and army mates to join in the “fun”. There are 6 to 8 of us but only five of us would be sharing the story.

The first of story teller is an ex ah beng. He used to be super fierce back in the active days and even got himself into a fight back then (Nearly send to DB). He seems to be fearless until one day or rather morning when he came rushing to our bunk at around 7.30am in the morning. White with fear on his face, he kept telling the people in the bunk (Me included) that he saw a ghost in the officer mess and wanted all seven of us to come down with him. So, we went down with him, did a search but saw nothing. Despite feeling disappointed, he told us his encounter. (Translated into English)

I went to clean the officer mess at 6 am, I did the job fast and finished at around 6.30am. I was exhausted and sat at the sofa facing the TV. Due to the reflective nature of the TV, I could see what is going on behind me. After some time, I told the mess door opened to my left and I could see an officer wearing a white PT shirt walked behind sofa across to the toilet at my right side. Soon, he went in and the toilet door slammed shut. I continued to sit at the sofa for a while longer until more than 30 minutes went by and I suddenly realized something. The officer had remained in the toilet for far too long. So I went to check him out, I knocked on the door and no one responded. After some time, I opened the door, surprised that it wasn’t locked and to my surprise; NO ONE WAS INSIDE!!!

I was shocked as you guys could see that the toilet only has a door and no other exits!!! If anyone attempt open it, it will do so with a loud creaking sound and no one has open it quietly so far. To make things worse, I saw nothing in the TV’s reflection of the entire mess. Nothing at all!!!

Soon that ah Beng told a young officer of what happened and the officer agreed that the mess was haunted even though he refused to share his own encounter for some strange reasons. At any rate, this story was what he shared that night in Sada hill.

The next person to share is our Malay driver, he has two stories. He had travelled to oversea deployment ground before and so his experience will not be local. His first encounter (I will not reveal the country, you guys could guess) was at the banana tree plantation. He and his OC were told by CO to recce that area before the main party moved in and encamp. So, he drove his OC there and since there are no lamp posts in the forest, he had to on the headlights of the rover. Unlike the modern rover in the army, the rover of his days was not air conditioned and he had to roll down the rover windows at the doors since it was a windless and hot night. When their rover reached the plantation, he and his OC were surprised by what they saw. All the banana trees were shaking violently despite the fact that there were NO WIND!!! Nevertheless the OC get down from the rover and get down to business while the Malay driver off the car engine and headlights and wait for the OC to return. However, at the moment he off the light, the banana trees stopped shaking and feeling puzzled, he on the lights again and all the trees shined by the light start SHAKING AGAIN!!! Feeling scared, he and his OC returned back to the camp site immediately without doing the mission. CO was furious and when he questioned OC for his reason of not doing his work, the OC said:” The banana trees are shaking.”

The above stories had us roaring with laughter at the end, however, this story soon followed up by a scarier one. This time, the Malay driver was again sending his OC to another recce destination. However, there were three other drivers sitting behind them. After the OC went down to do his recce. The Malay driver as usual, shut off the engine and went to the back of the rover to join in the “cigarette party”. While he and his friends were cracking joke and stuffs, he suddenly realized something……there are smoke puffs coming from the front seat as though someone is smoking a cigarette in front. He told his friend about it and they did a quick head count, all four of them were at the back and who was sitting in FRONT!! Just when they were wondering whether it was the OC, his OC com back with his signal set that he was on his way back!! Almost immediately, they felt silent and dare not to look in front until their OC returned.

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