A Truck Driver

One night a truck driver went down state. On his way down, he got into an accident. He was killed in the accident. When the police got to the scene the body was no where near the truck. They walked a couple of feet, following the blood trail and found the body laying on the side of the road. They walked back to the patrol car to report the body and when they came back, the body was gone. They looked all over for the body but it was no where to be found. A couple of weeks later, another truck driver when down state, taking the same route as the other driver. While he was driving, he was also in a similiar accident as the other driver. When the police arrived they noticed the body was missing like the other one so they walked up further and found the body in the same spot as the other driver’s body. They went to report this body in and when they came back the body was gone.

After a couple of months 2 truck drivers were making the same trip down state. They were getting tired and they were almost at the same spot where they other guys were killed in the accident. While driving, the driver asked his buddy if he saw anything on the road. The guy said “No, I don’t see anything. What are you talking about?” The driver looks again and says, “In the road. There are two things in the road. I can’t make out what they are. Let’s get out and check. I don’t want to take any chances.” They both walked out of the truck and down the road. When they got there, nothing was there. They started heading back to the truck when all of the sudden the truck started coming towards them. The truck ran right over them. When the truck finally reached the destination, the guys who were unloading the truck were talking and they noticed that truck arrived with no driver. When they were done unloading the truck, they got in front of the truck and all of the sudden, it started moving but there was no driver in it. Finally the truck got back home but when it arrived, it still had no driver.

Everytime that a truck driver goes down state on that same route, the truck always comes back with no driver and the drivers that were driving, are gone.

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