A University Haunting – True Story

This story was told to me by my friend. It happened to her in her old university (I wouldn’t mention the name of the school in question as this is a true story and the school is ready to take legal action against it. Apparently, one student unfortunately died in this story and it is a matter of assuaging the pain of the family and people involve.) This story you might have heard somewhere with a whole lot of different versions..

But this would be the true version of it. (**Not for the faint of heart**)

My friend and I went to the same high school and by 4th year (last year of high school in most Philippine schools) we applied and got into different universities. My friend was taking nursing while I was in business accountancy and with this, we lost time to hang out with each other. She would often just text me that she cannot meet with me on most days saying that she had to finish a bunch of homework. I told her why not do it at home, but she said (jokingly) that she would only feel tired knowing that her bed would only be one staircase away and laugh.

After our 3rd sem, I really never heard from her. I simply took it as her being busy and such. I was almost to the point of feeling rejected and forgotten when all of a sudden, I got a text from her on my cellphone. She just went..

“..You free tonight?..” to which I felt a bit uneasy. She’s never cold like this.

That night, I called her and asked where she wanted to meet. She said she’s on her way to my house. She arrived after a few minutes. She got off the taxi and simply went straight towards me. At first she hugged me tight and to my surprise she started crying and sobbing violently as if something really troubled her. I tried comforting her but she would not want to be touched and would shove my arms whenever I did. This really freaked me out (thinking maybe she lost it)

After a while she mustered her strength to talk but I could hardly figure what she was trying to say as she kept on sobbing from time to time until finally she managed to calm a bit with occassional sobs and sniffs. She then relayed to me this story:

“I was on a night shift at school trying to catch up with our thesis. The instructor was a bit of a push-over so I had to stay late in school. Fortunately enough, 5 of my classmates where just lagging behind as me and decided to do a group effort. But after I while I had to go to the washroom to freshen up. I washed my face and when I turned to look in the mirror, I saw a skinny dark figure and it leaned its face exposing it in the dim light. It was hairy in the arms and chest and its face was skinny, I noticed two black spots on its bald head which then appeared to be tiny horns! It flattened its lips turning it into a grin and started to utter some sort of foreign language I cannot understand! I immediately broke down and cried and held my palms together to pray! It reached out its hand towards me to which I yelled PANGINOON! PANGINOON! SAKLOLO! (GOD! GOD! RESCUE ME!) and it vaporized in my sight. I quickly ran out not closing the door behind me and kept running. I turned to look if it was after me and I bumped into somebody, I quickly turned my head around to see it was a [Jesuit] priest. He then picked me up and placed his strong hands arms on my shoulders and it gave me a short sense of relief only to be horrified to death when I looked up and saw “he” was grinning at me and his face became that of the demon I saw in the wash room! I ran waving my arms violently like a lunatic until reached my classroom. My classmates all rushed to me as I ran out of breath. Crying without any sound as my vocal chords have given up on me during my horrifying ordeal.” Starting to cry as she ended her story.

I was just glad to see my friend safe. Unfortunately, a similar incident happened in that same university a year before my friend’s unforgetable experience. The student was found by faculty teachers lifeless and pale on the floor with her eyes wide open just outside the washroom door my friend was telling about. She was rushed to hospital. Many students who saw her being carried in a stretcher claim that her arms were stiff bent close to her chest and her hands and fingers were all crooked. Her head fixed as if looking upwards.

The school head doctor claims she died of “natural causes”. The family held a Catholic funeral for her but never said anything about her death, the funeral being in the expense of the school. Rumours started to circulate that the school (being one of the richest in Manila) gave the family a large sum of money for their daughter’s tragic loss. The school went as far as enforcing its legal wing saying that whoever speaks about the nature of the “passing” of the girl is in danger of libel against the school’s “untainted” reputation.

My friend never told her story to anybody in her school let alone me.

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