Greenview Secondary

I heard this story from a lot of people but I didn’t believe them anyway.I do believe in ghost but I don’t really think they exist until this thing happened to me.I was at school,studying with my friends till late afternoon.It was at about 5.30pm.Suddenly,I urgently wanted to go to the ladies.I quickly dashed to the toilet without anybody accompanying me.(Well I always went to the toilet alone until this incident happened to me,I will asked my friends to tag along.)The toilet was empty but I didn’t bother anyway.After I had relief myself and went to the sink and washed my hands,I saw a girl enter the cubicle through the reflection of the mirror.I even heard the door being closed.

After I washed my hands,I decided to take a glance behind me.To my horror,all the cubicle were widely opened.I started to feel the chills ran down my spine.I thought I was imagining things but suddenly I heard a laughter coming from the empty cubicle.Without waiting any further,I dash for the door.All my friends was telling me ‘what happened’? to me but I just kept silent.Is now that I know that the toilet was ‘haunted’.I heard rumors saying that there is a girl who commit suicide in the toilet when she realised she was pregnant.I also heard that the statue outside the general office seems to come to life at night.I thought it was just a story people made up but seeing the statue been taken away and not being held outside the general office anymore make me wonder.And also the incident that happened to me make me realised that ghost do exist.

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