Remember the freaking accident where a red speeding car crashed into a bus-stop of people waiting for buses? A girl from one of the institutions died in the accident. This is an incident read from an email sent to all the staffs.

A lecturer was to conduct an 8am tutorial that morning. As he was approaching his classroom in one of the block, he saw a girl sitting outside one of the classroom. He did not pay much attention as it is common to see students sitting on the floor outside classrooms. As he was walking past the girl, he turned and from the corner of his eyes, he could see the girl staring at him. This encounter left a very deep impression in his mind.

When he reached his room. He reached into his pockets and found that he had forgotten the keys. So he went back to his office to get the keys. As he was walking to his office, the girl was not there anymore. He got his keys and returned to the classroom. As he was unlocking the door, he noticed the lights of the opposite room was on and out of curiosity, he went to check it out. The door was not locked and he went in.

He saw a newsletter of the school on the table and read it. The article was about the accident at the bus-stop. In the article, he saw the picture of the very same girl whom he saw sitting outside the classroom. He broke into cold sweat and rushed back to his office from the other end of the block, avoiding the classroom where he saw the girl and typed out an email to all the staffs telling them his encounter.

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