Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

My form teacher was absent on that day and my class could do whatever we want if we kept our volume down. I and my friend happily shared a seat together and started telling each other ghost stories about our school. Our school was rumored as a haunted place of japanese ghosts because there is a japanese graveyard just around the corner.

It started to rain heavily and the sky seemed dark enough to sensed that something was very odd. After telling a couple of ghost stories, my friend became quite scared and ask me to acompany her to the toilet. I tried to ask my friend to control herself but in the end i had to go with her.

When i was about to come out of my cubical, i heard my friend scream and she ran out of the toilet, leaving me behind. In a split second, both curious and frightened, i rushed out of the toilet without washing my hands. When i reached the classroom, i saw that my friend was very pale. She came up to me and told me that when she was washing her hands while waiting for me, the mirror in front of her figited and suddenly a white-powdered face lady wearing a japanese outfit appeared in the mirror. She told me that the mysterious lady had no eyeballs but her eye sockets was pouring with blood, and her features was like neither a hunan nor a ghost. At this point, my friend was really scared and i decided that we better not talk about it anymore.

In fact i have not mentioned this incident to anyone until i decided to submit this story. Although i did not see it with my own eyes but i could always sense the fear my friend experienced whenever she tells me about this story.

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