It’s Best To Go In Pairs

Before graduating from secondary school (which will remain un-named), I was a prefect. One of our duties is to check the toilets during recess for smokers. On the fourth floor, there is a girl’s toilet that our seniors warned us never to check alone, when we asked why they just said ‘don’t ask so many questions, it’s safer to check in pairs’.

One day, my partner was on MC and there was no one to check with me. I thought just be a hero and go and check toilet on my own. Bright and sunny afternoon, no harm right? At first it seemed okay, nothing unusual. Then just as I was leaving, I heard someone call me from behind. I thought it was my imagination so I just walked out. Then just as I reach the stairs, someone pushed me down the stairs. Lucky I was standing near the railings so I only fell a few steps before grabbing onto the railing. I looked up to see who was the sick fellow who play such a sick joke on me. But there was no one in sight. The entire floor is empty cuz the classroom were unused and locked, and the corridor was straight down with no where for anyone to hide.

I just ran. Can only thank God and my faith that nothing else happened to me.

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