Urine Trouble

This story was told to me by my teacher when i was in Primary 5….. Believe it or not…long ago…as u noe…toilet facilities was bad and small children juz urine anywhere. However…the ppl were superstition and advise their children to say “sorrie” before passing urine in a public places. One nite, a boy was playing …

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Ghost In Mirror

Hi guys, did you ever seen a ghost/strange creature on the mirror at your school ? But I did … This is how the sturey began : After classes end, my friend Evangeline and I went to the toilet of our schools’ canteen … We normally comb our hair either wash our hands in the …

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Face In Mirror

It was a thursday night. It was around 7.00 p.m. As my parents were not at home, i decided to have a quick bath in my room toilet. As i was about to enter the bathroom, i heard a strange sound from the kitchen. I decided to check it out. i slowly entered the kitchen. …

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Strange Happenings

One night, while I was working on night shifts 12 hour schedule for a Multi National company, I hear strange things happenings in the gents toilet in our company premises. The toilet bowl we’re using are of manual press for the flushing to occur. I was sitting in the toilet next door at midnight when …

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